Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One of My Favorite Grokker Workouts

Today I wanted to share a little bit about one of my favorite Grokker workouts with all of you.  One of the things I love about Grokker is that it allows you to do a workout any time, any where. There are so many great workouts to choose from and so many different devices you can use to do the workout.  So there's really no room for too many excuses to not do a workout.

One of the easiest, challenging workouts you can do with Grokker is with a couple of trainers who call their workout series Pace and Go.  They are high intensity workouts that give you a quick (7-10 minute) workout.  You usually can burn any where from 40-85 calories with them in that amount of time.

My favorite Pace and Go workout that they give is the 7 minute HIIT workout challenge. I like this workout because you can do it over and over and track your progress every time.  They recommend doing the challenge once a week to see your progress each week.  I've done this workout several times, and it's intense, but it pushes you in a good way.

I also like the Pace and Go total body HIIT workout. This one takes about 10 minutes and you do 13 different workout moves. You do each move for 30 seconds and then rest for 10. Like it says in the workout title, it works your whole body.

The reason this is one of my favorite Grokker workouts is because it's so easy to fit in during your day. Whether you do it once at night before bed, once in the morning to help wake you up, or in the middle of the day, all you need is 10 minutes. That's it. Who doesn't have 10 minutes in a day to workout?  Even a new mom can find 10 minutes!

If you're looking for more than 10 minutes of workout, but looking for a lot of HIIT routines, Pace and Go is a still a great option because, with Grokker, you can replay the workout as much as you want. Or you can switch the work out up and do two or three of their workouts together.

Another fun way to add this workout into your daily routine is to split it up and do it through out the day.  If you have 10 minutes while your kids are playing, do a round of the full body HIIT workout.  Later, if you have 7 minutes while your husband is giving the kids a bath, do the HIIT challenge. If you can find 10 more minutes before bed, do the HIIT cardio fat blast workout.  Then if you add all of those up, you've worked out for about 30 minutes that day!

If you're thinking "When do I ever have 7-10 minutes by myself? My kids follow me around the house all day." (First of all, if you have 10 minutes to read this, you have time to workout.) Well mine do to, and that problem is fixed by inviting them to workout with you. Kids can definitely workout for 10 minutes at a time. All of these moves can be modified in some way to make them easier for anyone to do, even my 2 year old likes to do them as best as she can. Their form doesn't have to be perfect, and over time they will learn and figure out the correct way to do things. I like having my kids workout with me when I need to because it teaches them good habits about keeping their bodies healthy and strong.  Exercise is good for everyone, even if it's easy and small. I also like working out with my kids because it's good one on one time with out feeling stressed about not being productive. I'm not the kind of mom who likes to just sit and play with my kids on the floor (I know, I'm a horrible mom. jk) I can give my kids attention in a lot of other ways, working out with them is one of them. My kids feel loved by me, we all get a workout done, we are all happy. And besides, it's fun to see them try to do the moves and improve each time they do it. You will be surprised how well they can get the moves down.

I love that Grokker has such a wide variety of workouts to choose from and a huge range of intensity that goes with it! If you're thinking you'd like to give this workout, and all the other Grokker workouts a try, right now you can get 2 weeks of Grokker for free by clicking HERE.

This post is in no way sponsored by Grokker, I just really love it and wanted to share it with you! :) This post does contain affiliate links, Thank you for reading and supporting!

What do you find taking up all the extra minutes in your day?

If you try out Grokker, what's your favorite workout to fit into your day?

How do you find time in the day to workout?

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