Thursday, July 21, 2016

My Neighbor is the Best Neighbor

 I love to bake but don't have a lot of patience for baking with kids. I should work on that because that's where I started loving to bake. My neighbor has a lot more patients than I do with things like this. She invited us over to make little donuts after J told her that she loves donuts. She had these darling little aprons for all of them to wear.

They picked out what color to make their donuts and got to mix in the coloring. Then they put it in a bag and piped it into her baby cakes maker. This is such a fun little appliance to have. It took about 2 minutes to cook them and then they all got to help take them out of the baby cakes maker and she glazed them for everyone.

I helped the kids put sprinkles on them (thats about as far as my baking patience goes with kids right now haha).  Look how fun that rainbow donut turned out! 

The kids decided that we needed to sing happy birthday to everyone and blow out candles before we could eat them. They had such a fun day doing this. We are pretty lucky to have the best neighbors. 

The other day I went out on this run. It's been a while since I've ventured too far from my house to run, just incase I needed to turn back early. I didn't venture too much further, but I went more than I have been. I felt really good during this run until the end and I needed to go to the bathroom. Then my GPS started to remind me that I was going pretty slow a thousand times so I tried to turn it off. Then my phone called Trevon somehow and he thought something was the end of the run was interesting. But it was still good. 

After the run I needed to just sit on the floor for a little while. 

Do you like to bake with kids?

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  1. I need a neighbor like that. I try to like baking with my kids, I do. If they're older, or if I do it with only one of tem at a time, or if I'm not in a rush, then it's alright. But usually there's all of them fighting and our kitchen isn't set up optimally for that. And really "helping" me is just a way to guarantee that they can lick the spoon, so answering the question "Can I lick the spoon after we're done?" 400 times sucks any enjoyment there would be right out of it for me.