Friday, July 1, 2016

Infant Essentials 5 on Friday Style

Today for Five on Friday, I decided I want to my top 5 infant essentials with you. You know, since I'm in that infant stage of parenting with my third baby. I've done a post similar to this before, so you may remember my baby must haves, but this is a little different because I'm using things I'd forgotten about since my girls were a little older when I wrote that.

My first infant essential:

This bath rinser. I didn't have one of these with my girls. My sister had one when she had her kids and for what ever reason, I didn't buy one after seeing how much easier it was for her to wash her kid's hair with it than it was for me to wash my kid's hair with out.  Luckily, I got one this time around.  This makes it super easy to wash hair with out getting soapy water in your baby's eyes. But, the other thing I love is that I use it on my older kids too.  My girls hate getting water in their eyes and usually put up a fight to wash their hair. But this rinser is flexible, so it kind of forms to their head and makes it easier to rinse their hair with out getting water and soap in their eyes. I highly suggest buying one. You can find one HERE.

Next infant essential:

That would be my breast pump. Even though I'm a stay at home mom and don't have to pump because of work or whatever, I love having my breast pump because it means that I can pump a bottle and let others help feed my little guy.  Grandparents and Aunts love helping feed babies and if you're nursing they don't get to do that. I normally nurse one side in the morning and pump the other side and then I can either freeze it for a day that I know I'll be away from my baby (like a date night or something), or I can save the bottle for later in the day when Daddy or Grandma want to help feed the baby. And let's be honest, it sure is nice to have a little break from breastfeeding once in a while. I have an Ameda Purely Yours, if you're looking for a good pump, this one isn't as expensive as some of the other high end pumps, but it works really well. You can find one HERE

The third item that I feel is essential for infants:

Going along with the nursing thing, I'm loving this Covered Goods nursing shield It's way more than that though. You can use this as a nursing  shield, an carseat cover, a shopping cart cover to help keep the germs away. You can carry it super easy buy wearing it like a scarf or folding it up and putting it in your diaper bag. This is the one I have.


These Aden and Anis blankets! I've used these for the last two kids and I love them. They are perfect for swaddling at night or nap time. I also love how light weight they are. Having a summer baby this time, these blankets make it really easy to feel good about covering him up with out over heating him too much. And they are super cute.

My last infant essential:

Boppy Pillow. What I love about these pillows is that you can, again, use them for a few different things. We use it for nursing, especially when I have to use my hands and feed him at the same time. But I also use it for when I need to just put him down somewhere and don't want to just set him on the floor. This pillow helps prop him up and he lays in there comfortably. And, it helps for when the girls want to hold him or feed him because it helps support his head and it makes me feel like he's a little safer.

These are just a few of my favorite infant essentials. This isn't a sponsored post in anyway, I honestly love and use all of these things, but there are some affiliate links. Thank you for reading and for your support!

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What are some of your infant essentials?

What products do you use for your babies now that you wish you had sooner?

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