Monday, July 25, 2016

Family Parties Over the Weekend

First thing in the morning lately, J has been wanting to hold V.  She likes to be a big helper.  Luckily V is a really good baby and handles all that extra attention really well. 

Shortly after that first cute picture, V had a major poop out. The biggest one yet. It was everywhere and I even considered just throwing this cute doggy onesie away...but it's my favorite so I decided to try to save it instead. I put V in the bath and got him all cleaned and changed and then started my millionth load of laundry for the week. The poop didn't come out for another 4 loads and then when the poop came mostly out, one of the onesie buttons fell off. :( I still kept it. Hopefully we can get some more use out of it before it all falls apart. 

He was a happy camper once we got him all cleaned up and dressed again though.

I finally got the ok to swim! So we did a lot of that over the weekend. The weekend started out with an afternoon swim on Friday with all the cousins. 

These girls can be best friends and the worst of enemies, but lately they have been mostly best friends, and I love it! M wants to do everything J does.  She followed her around and stuck right by her side all day on Friday. 

On Friday night we ran some errands and then the girls wanted to watch a new princess show that's on the disney channel. So I popped them some pop corn and let them cuddle up in their jammies while they watched it and Trev and I went to get some more apricots picked. 

Check out this sunset while we were picking. Some of the prettiest sunsets I've ever seen have been from my own back yard. That includes some really pretty sunsets on our cruise last year

This one even had a rainbow with it. 

Saturday morning was for chores. We had some major cleaning to do.  The girls asked if they could do a job to get a little money. So once they were done with their chores, they got to wash all the baseboards in our upstairs for a quarter per room. They did a pretty good job with it too. 

They love being able to watch their money jars fill up because they worked hard. 

Saturday we had a swim party at my parents house and I had the great idea that I would just run up. It's only a mile and a half, but it was 101 degrees outside. I can't say I regret the run, I've never regretted running, but it was certainly a challenge and the swim afterwords was well deserved. 

My dad made gelato for dessert and it was yummy.  He's getting pretty good at it. This time he made grapefruit, peach and lemon. My favorite he's made so far has been the chocolate and raspberry though. 

The kids all got ice cream cones. Anytime we have all these cousins together I feel the need to get a picture. We are missing 6 other cousins who live in a different state. Soon we will all be able to get together more often, though. Also, ignore my sister's finger I'm not really sure how it got in the middle of this picture, but there it is. 

We finished Saturday off with some fireworks. We used to do fireworks as a family every year, but lately it's been hit and miss. My parents were gone for the 4th, so we took the chance this weekend to get together. The kids were most excited about the poppers, and a parachute firework my brother brought. They were all pretty bumbed, though, that the parachute got stuck in a tree. 

It was a little bit of a chore keeping 8 kids under 6 years old from touching all the fireworks that had already been lit off. They wanted to help so bad. 

We let them all have a sparkler while we got the grand finally ready. 

It was a great night. 

To finish off the weekend, we got in the car after church and M put her puppet on that she made in nursery, and said "I will obey!" It's been a fun way to remind her that she needs to listen when she's asked to do something. If this sticks, I'll be forever thankful to her nursery teachers. 

What's the hottest weather you've ever run in?

Have your kids learned anything at church or school that surprises you and makes you hope they remember it?

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  1. I have about a billion pictures of my older kids holding their younger siblings as babies. Those are some of my favorite kinds of pictures!