Thursday, July 7, 2016

Currently July

It's been a really long time since I joined Jenna and Anne in their Currently link up. So I thought I'd do that today.

Toasting: Bread. That was breakfast today.

Going: We have a lot of unofficial plans for the rest of the summer.  We want to go camping, go to Idaho to see family, maybe go to St George, the zoo, weddings, birthdays, swimming...lots of things. Today though, we went to the cabin. We love the cabin and the girls have been begging to go.  We could spend all day there (and most of the time we do. Today was a quick visit though.  The girls loved the new toy to go with the swing set. And when we got back, M decided she would give potty training a shot. Lets hope that happens for real.

Smelling: Fresh cut grass.  I can't smell it with out thinking of my cross country race days and it makes me miss them. It's like it's programed into my brain that I get my running shoes on when I smell it.  It calls for a lot of running to start happening. We're getting there. I made it 2 miles last night!

Wearing: Anything that fits. I'm at that stage where all maternity clothes are too big, and my regular clothes fit but are a little snug.  Like I said, we're getting there.

Wishlisting: mostly just time to do fun things as a family and date nights with Trevon. Having a new baby does crazy things to a family. Schedules get funny, plans change a little (we don't like taking V out when it's super hot) and everyone is adjusting. So family time and one on one time with Trevon is something I feel like I really need.

What have you been up to lately?

What's on your wish list? My birthday is coming up and I may need some ideas haha.

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  1. That inbetween stage where neither your regular clothes nor your maternity clothes fit is the worst. (Unfortunately you have to hit it twice: once on your way up and again on your way back down!)