Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blogging as a Journal

I've never been super good at keeping a journal.  I had one in jr high (which I ended up throwing away because....oh the drama!) and I had a journal in the form of a first person story I'd written about high school (which also, I'm pretty sure, got thrown away because it made certain people who read it feel bad which made me feel bad).

My cousin gave me a journal when I turned 20 and said it was my grown up journal.  I think I wrote in it once or twice in a couple of years and then ended up pulling it out again the winter after J turned a year old and the seasonal depression started to get to me again.  I actually used that journal in a great way for a couple of years and then I got a little lazy.  But in all honesty, I should start writing in that journal again.

I started a letter journal for J when she turned 2 that I wrote memories down in for her and little notes of encouragement for her to read when she gets just a little older. That one I don't write in all that often, mostly just when I feel like I need to give her a little extra push.  It's one that I should probably write in more.  And I should probably start one for M and V too.

I got a really fun creative journal from Blogging for Books about a year ago. I'm not much of an artist, and this one only lasted me a couple of months and then I stopped.  I do still use the journal for prompts for writing and being creative. (That's what it's for anyway, so I guess I still use it..?)

This blog is the closest thing to a regular journal I have and I've been keeping it up for a year and a half. That doesn't seem long, but 5 days a week for that many weeks turns into a lot. And I'm super glad that it's been easy for me to keep it up because now I will remember a lot of little things by looking back on older posts.

Like how I'll be able to remember this first real smile from V and how handsome he looks in this little outfit.

And how yesterday we tried the whole two wheel thing with the girls. 

And these pictures are proof that the girls enjoyed cleaning at one point. Even if I'm not sure I like the idea of wet rags cleaning every surface. 

And when the kids are fighting and not getting along, I can see pictures like this of the girls playing nicely together and remember that most days are good days and most days they are friends. (It will also remind me that messes can be cleaned and to relax a little about how messy their play time is getting. 

Do you keep a journal?

What kinds of memories do you have to help you be a better mom/sibling/friend etc...?

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