Friday, July 8, 2016

Leonardo Museums New Exhibit: Flight

I have a little giveaway for you today at the end of the post, but first I'm going to share some pictures from the last few days.

J is getting really good at helping get V dressed and ready for the day. Sometimes it's a little too much help, but she still tries. The other day I caught her putting socks on V because he didn't have any on.

She also makes sure the sun stays out of his eyes in the car by lending him her sunglasses.

We've been working on potty training for M this week. She finally decided it would be a good thing to do. It calls for a lot of tv watching and staying close to a bathroom. Super Why for the win  yesterday. 

We have no candy in our house (this timing was her idea, not mine) so we are a little under prepared. But luckily I had cookies. So I made sure to reward myself with some too. 

We were feeling a little cooped up so after lunch we decided that we would run through the sprinklers. I know "waisting water" but you know, a little water is worth a half hour of sanity for me and fun for the kids. 

It must have worn M right out because she slept for two hours after that.  J got to watch some Anamaniacs while she slept. Anyone else remember that show?

Then we did a workout. Grokker has been such a great thing to have! I can work out anytime, anywhere, and I can do what ever kind of workout I feel like that day. About half way through my workout, M decided she'd like to join me. She kept up much better than I expected. We did Sarah Kusch's cardio core work out. It was much harder for a recovering mom than I expected it to be. I could feel all my muscles being used the whole time and afterwords I felt like they were getting stronger. 

I also noticed yesterday how big this little guy is getting. Slow down! He's a little over a month already. 

Ok, so now for the giveaway details. Who has heard of the Leonardo in Salt Lake City, Utah?  It's a museum that has a lot of traveling exhibits like Body Worlds, Mummies of the World and The Dead Sea Scrolls, but they have a semi-perminant exhibit called Flight that they decided to include because of Leonardo DeVinci (the name sake of the museum) was so interested in flying. They even have a full sized replica of DeVinci's first man powered flying machine on display for this. They also have a huge C-131 aircraft that was actually flown on both commercial and military flights.  It's big enough that they had to remove part of the building wall in order to get it inside. You can get onboard this airplane and take a look around!  They will also have a Russian MiG-21 on exhibit.  It also has some activities and interactives to teach visitors about different kinds of flight and about animal flight. And, here's yet another cool thing at this exhibit: A real-life rocket pack that actually worked at one point (sadly it doesn't work now, but you can still check it out). And some simulators to help you get a feel for flying all sorts of missions. 

To donate to Flight, you can go HERE 
If you donate $5 you will "get your wings" as well as a free ticket to the exhibit. 
$15 gets you the wings, ticket, and a bomber hat and glasses. 
$30 and you'll get everything in the first two as well as 3 extra tickets and a special gift and treat from the retail store. 
$50: 4 tickets to the pre-opening. There will be lots of cool visitors there, including Elder Uchtdorf of the First Presidency of the LDS church, and lots of really fun activities for your family. 
You can visit the Donation page to learn more about what you will get for donating. 
Heres the giveaway part: Enter to win a Family Plus pass which will give you 2 adults and up to 6 guests year round access to the museum and all it's exhibits, 15% off in the bistro and the retail store, and you get to come to all of the fun monthly member events for free. You will also get discounts on birthday parties at the Leo.

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  1. I loved Animaniacs as a kid and recently watched an episode again! I had two thoughts: (1) those kids are way too much like my own kids, and (2) all of Yacko's little asides and the fact that Wacko sounds like Ringo Starr went right over my head as a kid.