Friday, June 24, 2016

Updates From Our Week and a Little Run

The last few days have been full of randomness and I thought I'd share a few pictures to update all of you who are just dying to know what we've been up to.

Our mornings are currently filled with feeding, tummy time and nap time while the girls play together.

One of J's favorite pass times is to draw on our white board. I have mixed feelings about this because it can be pretty messy. But I took this picture just to show how tall she draws Trevon (he's 6'3") the rest of us are tiny size according to J.

This is currently M's favorite pass time while i'm feeding V. Throwing a fit because I can't help her put shoes on while he's eating. A few years ago, this was J while I was feeding M, the only difference is that J threw up when she cried too hard, so at least we don't have to clean throw up off the carpet after every feeding.  We're still adjusting a little. 

We love that our neighbors have kids the girls' ages.  They are best friends! (We won the neighbor lottery with them for sure.  It's one of the reasons I love where we live so much and I hope that when one of our families ends up moving, the other can find a place close by so they will stay friends). We got to have them over to play for the morning the other day and the girls were so excited.  It seems backwards that having more kids over can actually help with having a newborn to take care of, but it does.  The girls go off and play nicely, there's no nagging and I can feed V with out interruption or get the kitchen cleaned without the girls asking for a snack. 

Then this happened. My body is ready to start running a little bit again, and it makes me really happy and excited. I only went a little over a half mile the first day, but it was something and it's getting better. I felt really good except that my pelvic muscles are still pretty weak, so we have to build it back slow.

We decided to do a second round of swim lessons for J, this time private lessons at my mom's house for a couple of weeks. After two weeks of that, she's doing awesome!  She even dives down to get diving sticks from the shallow end of the pool.  She's loving it and I'm super proud of her. 

While J is doing swimming lessons, we usually have to find something fun and special for M to do with me. She feels bad that she can't get in the pool when the rest of the kids do, so we go run an errand or watch a show while she's waiting to get in. We went to Old Navy the other day during swimming lessons and I found a cute t-shirt dress for me while I was there. When I tried it on, M said "Oh, that does not work mom." I wasn't expecting it to fit nicely yet, I just wanted to make sure the length was comfortable for me.  So there's that happy mom moment, I got the dress anyway, because in a couple of weeks it will work and fit nice and it will be cute and comfortable, and then I'll probably share a picture. 

Then I went for another run while the girls played outside with neighbors and Trevon had V. I made it a little over a mile this time, and felt pretty good. Progress always feels good. 

When I got back the girls were doing make up outside....They did a good job. And then they took a bath, or two, and went to bed. 

Any funny, happy mom moments lately?

What are some of your highlights lately?

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