Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Days

Summer is here and we are loving it. Here are some things we have been doing the last little while.

We are so lucky to have a pool at Grandma's house. M loves that her swimming suit is bright pink. I'm pretty sure she tells everyone she sees that it is.  She also insisted to wear these goggles that were too big for her the whole time this day.

Mr V and I have had a lot of doctors appointments lately (because newborns sometimes require lots of doctors appointments). This is his expression most of the time. He's a pretty relaxed little guy so far. 

While we are at the doctors, the girls get to spend more time swimming and playing with Grandma and their cousins.

J started another round of swimming lessons and we decided not to put M in again yet. So yesterday when swimming lessons started, M was really sad that she didn't get to get in with her. So she came to the store with me and we got a special treat to help her feel better. She chose the red frosting donut, and ate the frosting first. 

I got the patriotic sprinkled donut because I love the fourth of July and it's coming up! 

And this is how we've been spending a lot of evenings lately. It might be exhausting and make me crazy with hormones and crazy emotional breakdowns once in a while, but these kinds of cuddles make that all worth it. 

How are you filling your summer up lately?

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great, busy, crazy summer with emotional breakdowns included - sounds pretty accurate for what you can expect with a newborn!