Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Little Man and Getting Back Into a Routine

For those who haven't heard, this happened over the weekend! We are both doing fine and our family is working on adjusting.

 So far he is a pretty laid back baby. He doesn't cry much at all at this point and our fingers are crossed that he will stay that way. (I will share more about this soon).

M wasn't so sure about her little brother at first, but J took to him right away. I'm super happy that she loves him so much, but it makes things a little hard when it comes to making sure he is being left alone while sleeping or that if I have to do something, like go to the bathroom (which takes three times longer after having a baby than normal, just to go pee.) I have to make sure he's in his crib, away from little helpers that aren't helping quite as much as they think. 

So the other night when M decided maybe she did want to try to hold him, since (as you can see from the above picture) she wasn't thrilled about him in the first place, we decided we'd better take a picture for proof that she was warming up to him. She's gotten a lot more excited about him since. 

So yesterday being our first full day home from the hospital, we didn't get to spend a lot of time actually at home because we had to take little man to a plastic surgery specialist. Nothing scary, we just noticed his ears weren't formed normally and our pediatrician wanted us to get it looked at asap so we could correct it now instead of make him get surgery later. So we took him in and they put these little tubey things on his ears. It was much less stressful and scary as it sounded like it was going to be at first.  These little things will hopefully only need to be worn for about 2 weeks and they aren't super noticeable (as opposed to the full ear cap we were thinking they would want to put on him). 

Then, since we had no food at our house, I went to the grocery store after dinner...alone. It was kind of a nice, but weird feeling not to have to be handing out snacks to the kids through out the store. 

So we are starting to get into a little routine and things will start to get back to normal, in life and on the blog. Thank you for being patient while I try to get used to the change. Until then, keep coming back for small updates and news and, of course, lots of pictures. 

How many kids do you have? 

How have older siblings reacted to the babies?

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