Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hint Water

How many of us drink the right amount of water a day?  Water is usually my first choice of drink at a restaurant or dinner time. I definitely pick water over other things after a good run or any other workout. But on a normal, daily basis I'm not so good at drinking water as much as I should (especially when I'm pregnant) . Mostly because milk or juice (something with a little more flavor) sounds better to me. The problem with that is, even though I'm getting liquids, those liquids have sugar added to them and don't hydrate me as much as water would.

You usually hear that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but recently that changed to drinking a half to a full ounce of water for every pound you weigh a day.  This also depends on the activity level you have.

Water is super beneficial to our bodies. Our bodies are 60% water, after all.  Drinking water supports your immune system and metabolic system. It helps prevent headaches and muscle cramps. Water helps improve your digestive system, your natural energy, makes your skin look better, and helps you feel better in general. 

Water isn't normally something I struggle with drinking, especially when I'm active. But, being pregnant or nursing always makes it a little harder for me to drink plain water (I think that mostly comes from me knowing I should be drinking more water and wanting to drink juice instead). That's why I was so excited to find Hint water.

The founder of Hint, Kara Goldin, came up with this drink because she was looking for a way to replace her consumption of Diet soda. She started out by drinking plain water but got bored of it. So she started to add fruit to her water, after drinking her water like this and cutting out the soda for 3 weeks, she lost 24 pounds, her skin cleared up and her stomach issues were gone. So she decided to share it with everyone.  

Hint water has 0 calories. It's all natural water with a tiny hint of natural fruit flavoring. There are no added sugars and you'll never find anything fake in this water. If you look at the ingredients on the bottle, it says water, fruit and other natural flavors from non-GMO plants.

It's perfect for summer days when you're on the go. Everyone needs to stay hydrated, and Hint makes it super easy to grab a bottle and drink it whether you're on the go, working in the yard, being active or just relaxing at home.

Water is a big deal as we go into summertime, especially for us runners who need to hydrate after running in the heat.  I feel good about drinking hint because there are no extra calories that I'm drinking along with it. I never feel guilty about drinking it, like I would drinking juice or any kind of soda, after a nice run and it's a little more exciting to drink than just plain tap water. 

My favorite flavor so far has been the pineapple and the watermelon.  I'm not usually a watermelon fan, but this was pretty dang good. It reminded me of drinking a Geyser from when I was little (does anyone else remember that flavored water?) Anyway, it's really yummy stuff. 

I also love that my girls love Hint water as much as I do. They usually don't like to drink water and prefer juice. I used to get them to drink water by watering their juice down a lot. But doing that still gave them extra sugar, and we know that juice isn't the healthiest option for them and that the water is needed. They will drink Hint water without any complaints. Most of the time they even ask for it.

If Hint water sounds like something you want to try, you can get 15% off your first order by clicking HERE and entering coupon code: AFF15 (limit one coupon per customer from now until July 30th)! 

*I was given a free trial of Hint Water in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own. 

*This post contains affiliate links for Hint water. Thank you for your support! 

How do you make sure you get enough water every day?

What flavor sounds the best to you?

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