Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day Weekend Recap

We had a great Fathers day weekend. Friday night Trevon and I were going to watch a movie when the kids were all in bed, but by the time we got the girls in bed and V was getting ready to have his last feeding before bed, we were both so tired that we decided to go to bed instead, too.

On Saturday, we started the Father's day party.  First we rand some errands and then we went to my parents house for swimming and a bbq.

My body isn't ready for swimming yet, still have a little healing to do, so I got to sit and relax with this little guy. After a while, though, I got really hot sitting there in jeans. So I got in my swimming suit and waded up to my knees for a little while.

We had some amazing dinner, and home made gelato and we visited with my family all evening. Then we decided it was time to go home because it was already past bed time and we still had to do bath night.  We also had this amazing sunset.

The girls kissed their brother goodnight and went to bed.  One more reason I love summer, the girls wear themselves out and fall to sleep with in 2 minutes of laying down. 

For Father's day, Trevon took the girls to church, then while they were in their classes, switched me so I could go too.  I haven't been able to go for about a month so it was nice to go again. When we were all home, we got to visit with Trevon's mom for a little bit, and then we had some great dinner before heading over to his dad's house to watch the game. 

We got Trevon THIS shirt for Fathers day and a movie.  He's always been a big super hero guy, so it worked really well. Plus it looked really good on him so we were glad we made that decision. 

When we go to his dad's house, the girls automatically go for this squirt gun. They think it's fun to squirt each other until they are dripping wet.  They don't love it when it's the other one's turn to squirt the gun though.

We were glad that we brought P.J.'s to change into because they were pretty wet but also because we stayed until past bed time again and that makes it super easy when they fall asleep in the car to just put them in bed. 

I saw this when I was getting ready for bed myself, and I thought that was pretty much me and my cousin during college. 

How did your Father's day weekend go?

Can anyone else relate to that text?

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