Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Birth Story

I'm finally getting around to writing Mr V's birth story today.  It's been busy, but good busy, figuring out a new schedule.  Having a third isn't as hard as most people make is seem. At least not at first (for me anyway).

After weeks of false labor (my body likes to do this, it happened with J too.) we were scheduled to be induced on the 4th.  We were first on the list so we expected to go in first thing in the morning.  We woke up at 5:45, and called the hospital to see if they were ready for us. They weren't. They had a huge amount of ladies having babies that day, and they were a little short on nurses.  So they told us they would call us when they were ready. And we waited, seriously anxious, for that phone call.  While we waited, we ran some errands once the girls were up and going and then waisted some time driving around. Just when I was getting ready to go home for lunch and hope that sometime that day we would get a call, the hospital called. So we turned the car around, dropped the girls off with my mom, picked up a quick Chick-fil-a lunch and headed to the hospital.

Once they got us all checked in and I was dressed in my proper hospital clothes, the nurse came in and started asking the usual questions. And then the fun started.

I've never been induced but I assumed it would go basically as normal as a regular birth except I'd have an extra IV with the stuff that gives you contractions. Which is about right, but with how I like to switch things up and throw curve balls for everyone, there were a few random happenings in between. When getting the IV, for some reason I started to feel like I was going to pass out. I'm not that squeemish. I don't pass out usually with needles or blood or anything like that. But for some reason, I started to feel myself going. And Trevon picked up on that about as soon as I did. He knows that as soon as I start to throw covers off and say I'm really hot, that's when I usually pass out. Anyway, I went. And I missed a whole conversation about ice, and getting an IV going in my other arm and starting the Pitocin. I woke up and asked when they were going to start that and they already had. It took a little while for the contractions to start and I was thinking I'd wait for an epidural for a little while but the anesthesiologist was getting ready to go into a c section, so after about an hour or two of contractions, he came in and gave me the epidural so I could get one before it was too late.

When I was at a 4, my amazing doctor came in and broke my water. When I was at a 5, my epidural started to wear off, and I realized I never want to have a baby with out an epidural. There's a reason I was born in an age of modern medicine, and I'm very grateful for it! I woke up with what I thought was pain that I could handle while I waited for the second dose of epidural to kick in, but it takes 20 minutes to for that to come back and in that 20 minutes, I threw up three times. And then the epidural was back and I was asleep.

With all that said, this was the easiest labor I've ever had. 6 hours vs 18, and an epidural for most of it. I went from a 5 to a 10 in a half hour. So when my nurses came back in, we were ready to push.

20 minutes later, this sweet little thing came into the world. And from the second he was born, he has been the sweetest little baby you've ever met. 7 lbs, 20.5 inches long and a head full of hair. This kid hardly ever cries. He's so content and happy.  He eats like a champ and sleeps amazing too.

We've been so blessed and J is so obsessed that I have to remind her that it's ok to let him sleep and not to wake him up. M is warming up little by little.  And so far it's been a fairly easy adjustment. (I know it's only been a week, and I know he's still a newborn. Let's not crush my hopes by saying that will change. At sometime I know he will start teasing and tormenting his sisters, I have brothers too, I know. But for now, he's the sweetest).

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