Friday, June 3, 2016

5 on Friday Voxbox Edition

For this weeks Five on Friday, I wanted to share 5 of my favorite products I got in my first VoxBox a couple of weeks ago. I was really excited about getting my first Voxbox and trying out all the things inside.

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1. My favorite thing from this VoxBox is this Suave Damage Repair Oil Treatment. It has Cocoanut oil in it and that makes it smell really good. But what I love about this product is that it makes my hair nice and shiny and, as far as I can tell, more healthy. I don't notice split ends as much after using this. I just put a little bit in the palm of my hand, and rub it through my damp hair before drying it.

2. I also got this Suave Purely Fun 2 in 1 children's shampoo and conditioner. Before we used this, we were using the cheap princess shampoo.  I like this way more, if for no other reason, because it smells cleaner and better than the princess stuff.  It's also a no tears formula, which helps because I have a hard time getting the girls to wash hair in the first place because they are scared of getting it in their eyes. Now that's not a huge deal. 

3. This Palmolive dish soap. We've used this brand before, so I already like the brand, but this sample was nice because it cleans off really stuck on stuff.  We just got stainless steal pans, so a lot more food sticks to it than normal. This Palmolive Fusion Clean gets that stuck on stuff off easy.  And it smells really good. 

4. Daisy Squeeze sour cream. It's sad how excited I was to get this. My girls are a little weird about sour cream. They use it like normal kids use ketchup. So I was excited to try the squeeze kind instead of the container because it means about 3 extra spoons I don't have to clean everyday. That doesn't sound like much but it adds up. Plus I usually buy the off brand of sour cream, and this is the good stuff. And it's really convenient to be able to squeeze the perfect amount on instead of wasting some that sticks on the spoon while scooping it. 

5. These Pilot Acroball pens. I like pilot pens in the first place, but these ones are nice because they write so smoothly and J loves that the pink one writes pink. Since I got these pens, I've caught J practicing writing a lot more. And anything to help her keep working on school stuff during the summer time, is a good thing. Since she likes the pink pen she is more willing to use it for school stuff. That's going to have to change when she's in real school, but for now, it's a good thing. 

I love getting new products to try. Theres more in that box that I haven't been able to try yet but I'm excited to. 

Who has a product I should try out?

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