Thursday, June 30, 2016

Picnics at the Park

We were up bright and early this morning. The girls like to come in our room and snuggle down in bed with us some mornings. Now that we have V, he usually wakes up first to eat and then the girls gather around and watch him while I get dressed and ready for the day.  They love being big sisters. 

This morning I decided I'd better start working on tightening my abs back up a little.  I found a quick 7 minute ab work out on Grokker and it was much harder for me to do than I thought. I literally couldn't do a sit up at first. It's kind of crazy how much of your muscle goes away after having a baby. I always assumed that was just because, you know, stomach muscles get stretched when you're pregnant, but now I'm wondering if any of that also comes from an epidural, does anyone know?

After getting all of our morning things done and getting our day started, my sister asked if we wanted to go to the park for a picnic. 

She found this really cool park for us to go to. It was a little cooler this morning so we couldn't pass the chance to go up.  It's something we have been hoping to start doing again for a while now.  They had this cool spinny chair there, at least I haven't ever seen this before, but the girls loved it. You sit on it and it spins on it's own. 

And I had to take a picture of this moment because, J requested, and ate a whole ham and cheese sandwich!  She is our picky eater, and I really thought she would turn it down once we got to the park, even though she asked for it. So I was really surprised that she ate it with no complaints. 

One thing that was really cool about this park is that it has it has 4 or 5 parks at this one big park. So we let the kids park hop around for a little bit. 

It was a perfect over cast day so we played until the sun started to come out, and then the kids were ready to go home. Before we headed out, we let them run up and down this hill a few times. When we got to the park, my first thought was "this would be a great running park." So we may go back and let the kids play and I'll go run around a little sometime. 

What do you like to do with your kids in the summer?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chores, Swimming, and a Run

Yesterday was a full of a morning of chores which got frequently interrupted by feeding time and the girls un-cleaning the house right behind me. Sometimes I find toys and stuffed animals in weird places. This one reminded me of Toy Story, and for a second I wondered why Jessie needed this little dog (Slinky's double, I'm thinking) help climbing up to the window.

Then we spent the afternoon in the pool, like we normally do.

Since I'm still recovering, I can't swim yet. But, I got to watch in the shade while V napped. When he woke up to eat, he was covered in sweat. This kid is the sweatiest kid.  He sweats inside, outside, when he eats, sleeps and even when he is just being held.  

After swimming, and coming home to eat dinner, then running errands and coming home to put the girls to bed, I finally got to go on a little run. It was pretty warm outside still, but I'm not going very far or fast at this point. The important thing is that I'm going. (My doctor gave me the ok as soon as I felt ready, as long as I'm starting easy and listening to my body).  I had a little bit of some uncomfortable popping but no pain.  

I had a Mile and a quarter planned, but then I saw the sprinklers on across the street. It turned into a mile and a half. I got home just in time to see the tiniest bit of the sunset. 

What is your regular summer time routine?

Who else has to run through sprinklers any time you see them on during a run?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Family Hike to Bridal Veil Falls

I've really been craving some time out of the house and family fun lately.  It's sometimes hard to find things to do outdoors with a newborn. We would normally be getting ready for a campout at this time of year, but we just aren't quite ready for a campout with a newborn.  So this weekend we had planned an easy hike to do to help us get out of the house as a family.

The hike we wanted to go on was closed.  It was a super easy hike with a waterfall but when we got to the trail head the gate was closed with a sign that said no trespassing... so we had to change plans.

We hiked Bridal Veil Falls instead. This is a hike I've done a thousand times, but I haven't ever gone up to the upper part of the falls.  Trevon wanted to do that part so we unloaded the girls (V stayed at home with my parents) and headed up.

Bridal Veil is a pretty easy hike to the bottom of the falls, but it's super crowded now that everyone who comes to Utah goes on that hike. The main trail is all paved and shaded.  The upper part of the trail is a little harder. It's short but super narrow with a lot of loose rocks in places, so you have to watch your step pretty close. Especially if you have little ones coming with you.

Once we got up there, the girls liked putting their feet in the little pool of water for a little while. The views are really great and the waterfall is always beautiful to look at. But it was still pretty crowded even at the top and sometimes watching people stand under the water fall or close to the edge makes me nervous (I must be a mom now or something).  All I have to say, is if there is a sign that says not to hike past a certain point, or not to swim or any other kind of warning, it's probably best to just listen to that advice. Sometimes people do stupid things and they can get hurt or killed.  Anyway, back to the hike, on our way back down I was pretty glad we decided to leave V with my parents because having Trev hold the girls' hands was hard enough making sure they didn't fall, it would have been harder holding their hands and carrying a baby in a carrier on your back.

When we got all done, we were ready for dinner. So we picked V up and we all went out for dinner. Then we got to spend the rest of the evening hanging out with some of our friends.  M and J love when they can go play at their house so we try to get together as much as possible.

This little guy's personality is starting to show. He's such a great little baby, I hope that his calm, happy personality sticks around. 

What's your favorite thing to do outdoors?

What did you do this weekend?

Friday, June 24, 2016

Updates From Our Week and a Little Run

The last few days have been full of randomness and I thought I'd share a few pictures to update all of you who are just dying to know what we've been up to.

Our mornings are currently filled with feeding, tummy time and nap time while the girls play together.

One of J's favorite pass times is to draw on our white board. I have mixed feelings about this because it can be pretty messy. But I took this picture just to show how tall she draws Trevon (he's 6'3") the rest of us are tiny size according to J.

This is currently M's favorite pass time while i'm feeding V. Throwing a fit because I can't help her put shoes on while he's eating. A few years ago, this was J while I was feeding M, the only difference is that J threw up when she cried too hard, so at least we don't have to clean throw up off the carpet after every feeding.  We're still adjusting a little. 

We love that our neighbors have kids the girls' ages.  They are best friends! (We won the neighbor lottery with them for sure.  It's one of the reasons I love where we live so much and I hope that when one of our families ends up moving, the other can find a place close by so they will stay friends). We got to have them over to play for the morning the other day and the girls were so excited.  It seems backwards that having more kids over can actually help with having a newborn to take care of, but it does.  The girls go off and play nicely, there's no nagging and I can feed V with out interruption or get the kitchen cleaned without the girls asking for a snack. 

Then this happened. My body is ready to start running a little bit again, and it makes me really happy and excited. I only went a little over a half mile the first day, but it was something and it's getting better. I felt really good except that my pelvic muscles are still pretty weak, so we have to build it back slow.

We decided to do a second round of swim lessons for J, this time private lessons at my mom's house for a couple of weeks. After two weeks of that, she's doing awesome!  She even dives down to get diving sticks from the shallow end of the pool.  She's loving it and I'm super proud of her. 

While J is doing swimming lessons, we usually have to find something fun and special for M to do with me. She feels bad that she can't get in the pool when the rest of the kids do, so we go run an errand or watch a show while she's waiting to get in. We went to Old Navy the other day during swimming lessons and I found a cute t-shirt dress for me while I was there. When I tried it on, M said "Oh, that does not work mom." I wasn't expecting it to fit nicely yet, I just wanted to make sure the length was comfortable for me.  So there's that happy mom moment, I got the dress anyway, because in a couple of weeks it will work and fit nice and it will be cute and comfortable, and then I'll probably share a picture. 

Then I went for another run while the girls played outside with neighbors and Trevon had V. I made it a little over a mile this time, and felt pretty good. Progress always feels good. 

When I got back the girls were doing make up outside....They did a good job. And then they took a bath, or two, and went to bed. 

Any funny, happy mom moments lately?

What are some of your highlights lately?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hint Water

How many of us drink the right amount of water a day?  Water is usually my first choice of drink at a restaurant or dinner time. I definitely pick water over other things after a good run or any other workout. But on a normal, daily basis I'm not so good at drinking water as much as I should (especially when I'm pregnant) . Mostly because milk or juice (something with a little more flavor) sounds better to me. The problem with that is, even though I'm getting liquids, those liquids have sugar added to them and don't hydrate me as much as water would.

You usually hear that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but recently that changed to drinking a half to a full ounce of water for every pound you weigh a day.  This also depends on the activity level you have.

Water is super beneficial to our bodies. Our bodies are 60% water, after all.  Drinking water supports your immune system and metabolic system. It helps prevent headaches and muscle cramps. Water helps improve your digestive system, your natural energy, makes your skin look better, and helps you feel better in general. 

Water isn't normally something I struggle with drinking, especially when I'm active. But, being pregnant or nursing always makes it a little harder for me to drink plain water (I think that mostly comes from me knowing I should be drinking more water and wanting to drink juice instead). That's why I was so excited to find Hint water.

The founder of Hint, Kara Goldin, came up with this drink because she was looking for a way to replace her consumption of Diet soda. She started out by drinking plain water but got bored of it. So she started to add fruit to her water, after drinking her water like this and cutting out the soda for 3 weeks, she lost 24 pounds, her skin cleared up and her stomach issues were gone. So she decided to share it with everyone.  

Hint water has 0 calories. It's all natural water with a tiny hint of natural fruit flavoring. There are no added sugars and you'll never find anything fake in this water. If you look at the ingredients on the bottle, it says water, fruit and other natural flavors from non-GMO plants.

It's perfect for summer days when you're on the go. Everyone needs to stay hydrated, and Hint makes it super easy to grab a bottle and drink it whether you're on the go, working in the yard, being active or just relaxing at home.

Water is a big deal as we go into summertime, especially for us runners who need to hydrate after running in the heat.  I feel good about drinking hint because there are no extra calories that I'm drinking along with it. I never feel guilty about drinking it, like I would drinking juice or any kind of soda, after a nice run and it's a little more exciting to drink than just plain tap water. 

My favorite flavor so far has been the pineapple and the watermelon.  I'm not usually a watermelon fan, but this was pretty dang good. It reminded me of drinking a Geyser from when I was little (does anyone else remember that flavored water?) Anyway, it's really yummy stuff. 

I also love that my girls love Hint water as much as I do. They usually don't like to drink water and prefer juice. I used to get them to drink water by watering their juice down a lot. But doing that still gave them extra sugar, and we know that juice isn't the healthiest option for them and that the water is needed. They will drink Hint water without any complaints. Most of the time they even ask for it.

If Hint water sounds like something you want to try, you can get 15% off your first order by clicking HERE and entering coupon code: AFF15 (limit one coupon per customer from now until July 30th)! 

*I was given a free trial of Hint Water in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own. 

*This post contains affiliate links for Hint water. Thank you for your support! 

How do you make sure you get enough water every day?

What flavor sounds the best to you?

Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day Weekend Recap

We had a great Fathers day weekend. Friday night Trevon and I were going to watch a movie when the kids were all in bed, but by the time we got the girls in bed and V was getting ready to have his last feeding before bed, we were both so tired that we decided to go to bed instead, too.

On Saturday, we started the Father's day party.  First we rand some errands and then we went to my parents house for swimming and a bbq.

My body isn't ready for swimming yet, still have a little healing to do, so I got to sit and relax with this little guy. After a while, though, I got really hot sitting there in jeans. So I got in my swimming suit and waded up to my knees for a little while.

We had some amazing dinner, and home made gelato and we visited with my family all evening. Then we decided it was time to go home because it was already past bed time and we still had to do bath night.  We also had this amazing sunset.

The girls kissed their brother goodnight and went to bed.  One more reason I love summer, the girls wear themselves out and fall to sleep with in 2 minutes of laying down. 

For Father's day, Trevon took the girls to church, then while they were in their classes, switched me so I could go too.  I haven't been able to go for about a month so it was nice to go again. When we were all home, we got to visit with Trevon's mom for a little bit, and then we had some great dinner before heading over to his dad's house to watch the game. 

We got Trevon THIS shirt for Fathers day and a movie.  He's always been a big super hero guy, so it worked really well. Plus it looked really good on him so we were glad we made that decision. 

When we go to his dad's house, the girls automatically go for this squirt gun. They think it's fun to squirt each other until they are dripping wet.  They don't love it when it's the other one's turn to squirt the gun though.

We were glad that we brought P.J.'s to change into because they were pretty wet but also because we stayed until past bed time again and that makes it super easy when they fall asleep in the car to just put them in bed. 

I saw this when I was getting ready for bed myself, and I thought that was pretty much me and my cousin during college. 

How did your Father's day weekend go?

Can anyone else relate to that text?

Friday, June 17, 2016

A Few Quick Summer Things

We really love summer. Summer has a special, exciting feeling to it. Summer makes us happy. There's swimming, camping, forth of July, lazy days, picnics...the list goes on for days of things to be excited about for summer. Swimming is a regular thing for our family. I love watching the girls get along and have fun together. 

After our fun day of swimming yesterday, we had a few errands to run as a family. M was clearly worn out. She couldn't stay awake even sitting in the cart.

This morning my girls requested Frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast. But they don't like them in the milk. They decided to dip them in milk like you dip cookies in milk. Whatever gets them to eat something that is healthy and filling for them, right?

When the girls want to play in water but we have to stay home, we fill a bucket of some kind with water and let them have at it.  They play like this for hours sometimes.  We would just run through the sprinklers or something like that, but we don't have sprinklers in our tiny back yard. When they are done, we throw their clothes in the dryer and call it good. 

It's been quite a while since I've been able to do any reading, and I've been craving a good book recently. So I pulled out an old favorite (Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites series) today and got to read for a little bit while the girls played with water. This book brings back a lot of family memories for me. We used to listen to these on tape while we were heading out on a camping trip. 

What are your favorite things about summer?

Any good book recommendations for me?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why I Never Make a Birth Plan

When I was pregnant with J, I started reading and hearing about birth plans, something I'd never even thought of before. And the more I read the more confused I got about making a birth plan.  I decided it was best not to worry about writing or even making a birth plan and I was right about that.

If giving birth were to go exactly how I wanted it to, this is what it would look like:  I would get a good nights rest, wake up and some time in the middle of the day my water would break. I'd be able to breath through every contraction, get to the hospital just in time to deliver a 6lb baby with tons of hair and without any problems coming up. Then recovery would go really well because during delivery there would be no tearing or cutting and my weight would bounce back to normal by the time I was getting home from the hospital.

Heres is how giving birth really goes for me: I spend about a week in what they call false labor. It feels exactly like real labor but it stops on it's own after several hours and you don't make any progress.  When it's finally really time to go to the hospital, it's usually around 4 AM after not having any sleep all night long. I get to the hospital, they check to see if you're even dilated this time (because last time I came in on that false alarm I was only at a 2) and, thank heaven, they don't send me home because I have made some a 3, after 12 hours of real labor I've progressed one centimeter. I get the epidural and wait, and wait and wait and wait. After another 6 hours, it's finally time to push. I get the baby out but also get a huge 4 degree tear or a fever or the shakes or any other random thing to go with it. (Hormones are funny things and your body can sometimes react funny to them).  The get the baby cleaned up and by this point I'm not caring too much about how crappy the labor was or how many stitches I have to get because I'm finally meeting my new little one and that is way more exciting than all of that stuff.

This is exactly why I never even consider writing a birth plan. Giving birth is an amazing thing. It never goes the same way for you as it does for others. In fact, it doesn't always go the same way for you the second or third time as it has the first. None of my labors or birth stories are the same. And there are things that I've enjoyed better with one that with others. It's just the way it goes.

Sometimes making a birth plan might make you feel calm and ready going into labor, but when something comes up that wasn't on your birth plan, you can start to panic or stress and that's not healthy for the baby or you when you're already having a lot of physical stress on your body. It's best just to accept that things are going to go differently than you are hoping for (because no one hopes for an extremely hard labor or recovery)

You don't want to come out of your delivery feeling disappointed for it not going how you though it would. A lot of people have that happen and end up blaming it on the nurses or doctors at the hospital. In reality, it wasn't any of their fault. They have been taught and trained to get your baby here as safe and healthy as possible. And isn't that more important than following your birth plan to the letter? When my first was born, I didn't plan on having an episiotomy or me and J getting sick with a fever in the middle of it all. But I was really thankful that I had an experienced doctor who knew they needed to get her out as soon as possible in order to make sure she was ok and I was ok. They gave me the episiotomy and recovery wasn't great, but my baby was healthy.

So when ever I have a baby, and the nurse asks me what my birth plan is, I smile and tell them that my plan is to have a healthy baby. So what ever they are going to need to do to make sure me and baby are healthy, I'll accept it. Even if I didn't plan on getting a c section and ended up having to. Even if I wanted to give birth naturally (I don't) but my body wasn't relaxing enough with out an epidural. What ever they need to do to make sure my baby gets here healthy, that's my birth plan. And you know what? I've never left the hospital thinking of how much I hated my experience. Giving birth is a hard thing. The best thing to do is to relax, and trust the doctors instead of stress about planning things out step by step.

Did you have a birth plan and did it go as you expected?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Days

Summer is here and we are loving it. Here are some things we have been doing the last little while.

We are so lucky to have a pool at Grandma's house. M loves that her swimming suit is bright pink. I'm pretty sure she tells everyone she sees that it is.  She also insisted to wear these goggles that were too big for her the whole time this day.

Mr V and I have had a lot of doctors appointments lately (because newborns sometimes require lots of doctors appointments). This is his expression most of the time. He's a pretty relaxed little guy so far. 

While we are at the doctors, the girls get to spend more time swimming and playing with Grandma and their cousins.

J started another round of swimming lessons and we decided not to put M in again yet. So yesterday when swimming lessons started, M was really sad that she didn't get to get in with her. So she came to the store with me and we got a special treat to help her feel better. She chose the red frosting donut, and ate the frosting first. 

I got the patriotic sprinkled donut because I love the fourth of July and it's coming up! 

And this is how we've been spending a lot of evenings lately. It might be exhausting and make me crazy with hormones and crazy emotional breakdowns once in a while, but these kinds of cuddles make that all worth it. 

How are you filling your summer up lately?