Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Things

For the start of the weekend, it was nice and warm and beautiful. So we spent a lot of time outside.  The blossoms on the trees are pretty to look at, but they are sure making allergies at our house a pain the last week. 

We started our planting this weekend too. The girls wanted to plant carrots, which is kind of weird since they don't even eat carrots. But maybe this will change things. We tried planting carrots last year with no luck, so we will see how it goes this year. 

I can't seem to eat anything lately with out spilling it all over my shirt. This was my second shirt change of the day. I'm either going to have to do laundry more often or get more maternity shirts if I keep this up. 

Like I said, we spent a lot of time outside, M decided the only way she was going to eat lunch was if it was on our little picnic table. I'm ok with that because I feel like the more time we spend outside, the better. 

While J was at school, we had some mommy/ daughter time. M hasn't had a lot of a one on one time with me since J is usually with me too. It's going to get even harder after baby comes. So we are trying to fit as much of it in as possible right now. Since M's birthday is in October, we got a free "half birthday" coupon from Rita's Italian Ice so she could enjoy it in the warm weather. She chose raspberry and it was a really good choice. If you haven't been to Rita's, I highly suggest it. 

Friday night we stopped by for a visit at Grandpa's house. While we were visiting, he told us about a noise he had been noticing like something was stuck in his fire place. Trevon didn't wait long to take the chance to get on the roof and check things out. 

Turns out it was a raccoon that, we thought, just couldn't get out on it's own. So Trevon stuck a big stick down there to see if it would climb out before calling animal control. When animal control got there, they said they've been having a lot of calls for raccoons lately. He got it out and told us that this momma raccoon was probably down there for a place to have her babies. We were pretty glad she didn't have them while she was down there. 

We had our second swimming lesson this week. J had a good time, but M was not happy about going under the water. We will see how next week goes with that. I am learning though and wore shorts this time instead of leggings. 

These cheetoes always seem like a good idea until I eat one, styrofoam covered in fake cheese....The crunchy ones are much better though. 

I have felt pretty good physically this whole pregnancy, until the last few days. We are at the tail end of it and things are starting to get stretched and moved and swollen.  Exercise hasn't been happening and I'm feeling more tired. But that's all in preparation for when I'm waking up to feed the little guy several times a night. Only about a month or so left until he's here!

Mommy who are reading, what are your favorite one on one time things to do with your kids?

Do you have a favorite chip?
  I can't say I have a favorite, but I like a lot of chips more than puff cheetos. 

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  1. Lately I've been spilling all over myself, too. Makes you feel like a real classy lady when your belly sticks out a mile and you've got salsa smeared on it.