Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Highlights

We had a busy, eventful weekend. For starters, we played at my mom's house for a while on Thursday until Daddy came home from work. We lucked out, she was making her chocolate chip cookies. 

I hadn't worked out since Monday, so Friday morning I got up and did a quick, low impact cardio workout.  J woke up while I was getting it started and watched me on the couch until I was finished. 

We had some things we needed to get at Target again. This time we only left with one thing that we didn't need, and what we actually went there for. J had requested bacon for dinner, so that was on the list as well as some poster board for her class. They make pretty good shopping buddies, they even help me stay on task most of the time. 

Got home from Target and saw this happy little surprise. We have a lot of construction going on right now by our house. I'm pretty positive that's where this came from. UGH! I took a picture to send to Trev instead of pulling it out. Smart move, my tire would have definitely been flat otherwise. 

For lunch, I made this great salad. I took a picture of most of it this time. Sometimes I get too excited to eat the food that I make and want to share with you, that I forget to take a picture. Anyway, it was lettuce, salsa, left over shredded chicken, a little guacamole, cheese and salad dressing. Then to help with my sweet cravings, strawberries with whipped cream. 

For Trevon's birthday dinner, we went to Texas Road House with his dad.  Before that, we dropped the car off to get fixed while we ate.  The girls loved cracking and opening the peanuts but not so much eating them. 

The girls started swimming lessons on Saturday.  They both have been so excited and I feel like the first class went really well.  

I made the mistake of wearing my leggings to watch lessons. Bad, bad idea. It was so stinking hot that I was tempted to jump in the pool fully clothed. I didn't though. Next time, I'm wearing shorts. 

Saturday evening, the girls wanted to spend some time outside. It was a pretty view and nice to relax and get some fresh air. 

But it was freezing. There was a breeze that made it feel pretty chilly out. J decided she needed her winter coat and M wanted her jacket and a vest. They had fun though. 

What were your weekend highlights?

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