Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rainy day Yesterday

Some days you need to just have a break, and yesterday was that day for me. It was a rainy, dreary day and I was in a little bit of a heavy mood. So instead of writing some sad, pitty party post, I thought it would be better to take the day off from writing. So instead we spent the day doing some of these things:

First we listened to some music and I let the girls color and play and do whatever. I tried not to worry about the mess or fight with M to clean up (because she's really struggled with that lately).

I had a salad with leftovers from THIS chicken for lunch, with some pears. It was pretty tastey. I'm not a big salad person, but whenever I have leftover chicken,  it makes a salad worth it. And it made me feel all healthy.

J had a field trip and wanted me to go with her, but M was having a really hard, fussy day and I didn't think it would be smart to take her with us. So I told J that I couldn't go.  Then I felt really bad about it. Not that I go to many of her field trips, I was more just sad that she asked and wanted me to go and I said no....Not sure how long she will want me around when it comes to those things.  I told her I'll go to the next one though.  

M had quiet time, watching a movie while J was at school.  We had a few snacks with it. Some days you have to dig into your secret stash of chocolate. And yesterday was one of those days. 

Lately M has been noticing my ring.  She really likes to touch and look at it and she always points out when I don't have it on. Also, one of our snacks was popcorn. 

After school, we went to play with the cousins at my sister's house. She said she'd been having the same kind of day. Funny how a little bit of rainy weather after a week of beautiful, sunny weather, can do that to you.  It was nice to be able to get some adult conversation in while all the kids played. 

We put the girls in the bath early, like right after dinner.  When they got out and dressed, they got the blow dryer out and started drying each other's hair.  I don't know that it was super productive, but it was fun to watch. 

We spent the rest of the night relaxing because Trevon and I were both exhausted and just needed to lounge. I woke up this morning feeling much better and more motivated to get something done. 

Does weather effect the way you feel?

Do you have a secret candy spot? What kind of candy do you hide?

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  1. Popcorn is a staple snack around here. I think my kids have taken it every day for school this week. Phillip started putting oregano in it and it tastes SO good.