Friday, April 22, 2016

Picnics are a Favorite Thing

Remember how I gave J and under-dog on the swings, at the park the other day? And I hurt myself doing it? Yeah, there was a lot of pelvic pain the next day. So after trying to walk around my house, and feeling like an old lady all morning, I looked up some prenatal stretching to work on to hopefully help it loosen up. It helped a little.

I considered trying some Yoga again. I've never been one to love yoga. I can't get my mindset into it I guess. I was quickly reminded of that when I was watching some of the videos on yoga. It just moves way too slow for me. And for some strange reason, the calmness and slowness they have when talking doesn't relax me, it stresses me out. While that works for some people, it doesn't work for me, so I'll stick to just stretching on my own. 

J did think it was funny though, that I would stop in the middle of everything and stretch a little. 

We had a picnic day because it was great weather and an excuse to spend most of the day outside. We love going to our "special lunch park" and then letting the kids play after we eat. 

J wore herself out. She also jumped off the playground and got an ouch. So she spent most of the rest of the afternoon babying her hand. 

It took a little convincing her that she wasn't going to lose her whole hand because of this. But she's completely forgot about it now. 

M on the other hand had more energy than anyone else. She was still going strong when it was time to leave. Maybe that's because she was carrying her water bottle everywhere she went. Or maybe just because she's at that age.

We all love when the weather turns warm enough to play outside all day. We went from the park to the sand box. 

And then the tired started to set in and M had a little fit in the wood chips.  That called for another bath for the day. So we cleaned up and went inside. Another reason we love spring and summer time is that we can go on walks after dinner and it's still nice and light outside. So we did that to keep my legs loose and to calm the girls down for bed time. 

Do you have any summer time rituals?
  Picnics and evening walks for us. 

Are you a Yoga person?


  1. I've been doing some labor prepping squats (legit squatting, like in the Middle East) until recently when the pelvic pressure has just started to be too much, and it's so funny how my 2-year-old just comes and squats down next to me like, "What're we doing, Mom?"

    1. Haha yeah my 2 year old does the same thing any time I'm attempting a workout... Or you know, stretching at this point.