Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Normal Day Stuff

We've been soaking up as much of this weather as we possibly can. We let the girls stay up way past bed time to ride bikes and play with friends the other night. I love when the weather turns warm and we can sit outside and visit while our kids play. 

It's amazing what a balloon can do to kids. J got the last balloon at the grocery store, and when M found out she had got one, there was a little tantrum. But J decided to share it with M and they took turns holding the balloon and being a super hero with their towel cape the whole rest of the day.

For family night, Trevon taught about The Plan of Salvation with little cut outs he'd found. I'm not really sure where he found the cut outs, but I'm positive you can find the same ones or something like it on pinterest. It was kind of a game for the girls and M was a little too excited about dying afterwords. Notice the balloon made it's way back into the picture. 

I'm afraid we may already have a homework problem on our hands. After J got mad about doing her homework, M quickly stepped in to do it for her. Luckily I printed more than one out so J will still have to do hers.

While J was at school, M and I went to run some errands. Target was the stop we had in mind. The thing with Target is, I go in for one or two things and most of the time come out with completely different things than what I went for. This time we were looking for new plates because "the favorite" plate of the girls melted in the micro wave. That turned out to be a fail because they were all out of kid plates. 

So instead, we got these stickers (dollar section) which is a must every time they have them. Stickers are a huge help when it comes to keeping kids busy and quiet in places like church. 

And swim suits. They have a deal going on right now for 30% off swim stuff for kids. I got M a suit for $7! 

She sat like this the whole time, pointing to things and saying "for my baby brother." or "baby brother needs that". Think she's a little excited?

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  1. I love when the weather turns warm and you stay up later having fun and being outside. We're getting there...