Thursday, April 7, 2016

More Spring Break Stuff and A Currently Post...A Day Late

The weather is keeping it's warm streak and I'm hoping it sticks around. We spent most of the day at the park with cousins and the girls loved it.

We took a break to have some lunch. We ate most of it before I could get a picture, so here's half of it. I'm not sure what it is, but I feel like the girls and I eat a lot better when we are having a picnic. It's not just hotdogs and chicken nuggets, most of it is fruit, cheese, crackers and yogurt or sandwiches. Today I even made me a salad to eat there. 

Sometimes it's easier to come up with a game to get the kids back to the cars to go home. Today we had them race. 

We had to make a quick trip to Costco after and on the way home the car got really quiet. I'm pretty sure these girls wore themselves out. 

And now, it's been a while since I did a link up so I thought I'd do the currently link up a day late. You can join in by linking up on Jenna or Anne's blogs.

Currently I am...

Goals and plans and lists... We are getting to the tale end of this pregnancy and that makes me feel like I need to be super productive. Not that I really have a lot to do at this point. Just a few things. You'd think that after having 3 kids I'd have this part down, but here I am, on my 3rd pregnancy feeling a little stressed out. Similar to the "I know I forgot something" feeling.  Mean while, I'm also making goals for myself and trying to make fun plans for my kids spring break.

Mostly just pans, probably like THIS: My dilemma is that I'm not sure if I should get non stick pans again or stainless steel.  The non stick pans I've had since being married are starting to wear off and all the Teflon is starting to come up. So stainless steel makes sense, but it's just so much more work if things get stuck to it. So, let me ask you: Stainless Steel or Non-stick? Best/favorite brands? Any tips for pan shopping?

Not much. We got our spring cleaning done so now it's just maintaining things and not letting the mess over take the house.

Mostly personal updates lately. Not being able to workout as much has been kind of a pain, (Thank heaven for Grokker). Also a could of tip posts HERE and HERE.

Mostly junk food lately. But since weather is warming up, I'm starting to find some great yummy fresh fruit that I have been snacking on instead.


  1. I live in Phoenix so the really warm weather has been here for awhile so I am also tasting yummy fruits for snacking on! Thanks for sharing! Hope you get to get to a workout in soon! :)

  2. I love the picture of both girls passed out in the backseat. Those are my favorite kinds of pictures, and we have lots of them!

  3. We have calphalon non stick pots and pans and love them! We've had them for three years now and still look exactly the same as the day we got them--and we use them a lot! Highly recommend. :)

    Love all of your outside photos! I love spring. Thanks for linking up!