Monday, April 18, 2016

I Hate Maternity Clothes and It's Popsicle Season

This morning was a gym morning. 5:30 seems to come earlier every week that I get closer to having this baby. But I got up and went to my class, and I'm glad I did. I have a feeling my arms are going to be sore tomorrow. I haven't gained much weight besides in my stomach this pregnancy (thank heaven) but I do feel like I've lost a lot of muscle in my arms too. So I have been working on those a little more than normal.

After gym was done, I came home, cleaned my self up, ate some breakfast and then I decided it was time to fix the giant hole in my maternity pants. And by that I mean the pants that were actually made for pregnant ladies. Most of my other clothes are just normal clothes that are a little bit big on my normally. I hate buying maternity clothes. And these pants have been through three of my pregnancies and one of my sister-in-law's pregnancy. They are getting to the tail end of their life.

Here are some reasons I hate buying maternity clothes:

1. They are expensive. And you only wear them for a couple of months, maybe 6 months, and then you're done with them.

2. I don't care for the more recent maternity styles. I'm a little person as it is. Most of what I have found (that is affordable) is the more baggy tent-like style that went out of style years ago for a reason. They make me look even shorter and stalkier than I am right now.

3. Maternity jeans are NOT comfortable. They might "fit" better but that dang belly band is obnoxious and uncomfortably tight on your stomach. Not the top of your stomach like it's supposed to be, it always ends up in the middle of your stomach and makes you feel like you can't breath (as if you needed more of that).  And if you roll the band down, the pants wont stay up. At least for me.

Anyway, after all of that this morning, I felt ready for a nap.  

So, when I found the girls playing nicely together, I didn't interrupt them so we could get the grocery shopping done. I took a little rest instead. I've recently decided that any time the girls are playing nicely together, there is no reason to stop them unless it's an emergency. So I didn't even go in the room all the way to get a good picture of it. 

When they decided to start arguing again, I decided it was lunch time and store time. So that's what we did. J got to pick out a snack today at the store. She picked out popsicles and then the whole way home asked me over and over if we could have one. So before quiet time, we all had half of a popsicle. I thought it would be a little chilly for that kind of treat today, but it was perfect. 

One of my favorite bloggers posted a blog about running with a stroller. I tried running with a stroller with J and got way too discouraged thinking I was going so slow. I didn't realize that every mom who runs with a stroller starts out that way. Anyway, her post has inspired me, and I just might try it out again when #3 comes. If you want to read her tips (which are awesome) you can do that HERE

What's one of your favorite spring/summer time treats?

Have you ever ran with a stroller? Do you love it or hate it? Any tips?

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  1. I used to think that I didn't want to spend any money on maternity clothes because I'd only be wearing them for a few months, but add up 6 pregnancies plus the several months after having the babies that you're still wearing them, and it's quite possible I've spent more time in maternity clothes over the last decade than not! My maternity wardrobe is horrible, but thankfully I've had some wonderful friends who have lent me their much more stylish collections so I've been able to get by.