Thursday, April 14, 2016

Colored Plates, Lemonade and Outside Play

I saw this on Facebook and could relate all too well. My girls fight over the color of plate they want all the time. Then, this week, the worst thing happened. J's favorite plate, the purple plate, melted in the microwave. The problem is, now they both want the pink plate all the time. There's only one. So we are in the process of finding more plates so the fighting will die down. 

Last night after dinner, we went on a family walk. We do this a lot more often when the weather warms up like it has been. I had to stop and take a picture of the amazing blossoms coming out around our neighborhood. 

One of their favorite pass times: swinging in the swing at Grandma's house. And this picture of them was just too cute not to share. When they get along, it makes me so happy.

Last night's left overs for lunch, but really I just wanted to show you this amazing strawberry lemonade I made. It was good last night, but better today! I love strawberry lemonade with strawberry chunks in it! Trevon and neither did J because of the chunks in it. So more left overs for me. 

More sandbox time this afternoon. We spent the morning at my sisters again, I had a doctor appointment to check on #3 so the girls played there before we came home for lunch and errands. Then it was warm enough to play outside so that happened instead of a movie. That always makes for a good afternoon. 

While we were out there, I looked over and saw this on my apricot tree! We didn't get any apricots last year, and I was a little worried about it this year since we had another late freeze. But it turns out that the tree did ok and we will be picking apricots by mid-late summer. 

Do you like fruit chunks in drinks or yogurt? 
I love them in lemonade, yogurt and smoothies...things like that, but Trev gags if he has to eat one. 

What's your favorite fruit tree?
Mine would not be apricot, it would probably be peach, but apricots are exciting too. 


  1. We went to Kmart and got a huge stack of plastic dessert-sized plates for the kids. They all match each other (so no fighting) and they also match our adult plates (all red.)