Monday, April 11, 2016

A Busy, Sick Weekend For Us

Our weekend started out with a nice, warm 3 mile walk with my cousin and her kids. We are loving the warm weather and are soaking up as much as we can. When we got back J and M requested a smoothie. They've been on a big smoothy kick lately and it's good for all of us.

1/4 banana
5 strawberries
a handful of raspberries
3 pieces of pineapple
1/2 cup orange juice (we put that much in so it's runny enough to get through the sippy cup lids).
3 TBS yogurt (we used strawberry banana)
2 carrots (sneaking in those veggies, the girls had no idea!)
and a couple hand-fulls of ice

It was pretty yummy and the girls drank every bit. 

That night we got to go out and have dinner with my whole family for my grandparents' 80th birthday party. We now have 107 people on that side of the family. We could make a small town. 

I'm pretty lucky to have a family that have such a great taste in food. Mexican food is a big deal because everyone loves Mexican food. We eat it at several family get togethers. Not to mention that this Mexican food was catered by one of my favorite chefs ever. If you live in Utah, you need to try out Molly's in Provo. 

By the next morning M had a really nasty cough. And by 8:30 it turned into a bark-y cough. So we took her to the doctors while J played at my sister's house. 

Croup. Have you or your kids had croup before?  I knew that's what it was as soon as I heard the cough, J has had croup several times but this is M's first time. Poor thing was so tired and not feeling well at all. 

We picked up her prescription and gave it to her right away (she took it really well). She felt sad that she didn't get to go play with her cousins so we went on a mommy daughter lunch date for some tacos and quesadillas. I told you Mexican food is a favorite. We can't get enough. 

She started to feel better pretty quick after her medicine. And then she got really loopy. and then she conked out on the couch while her and J watched a show. When she woke up she was feeling better and ready to play for a little bit so they played in the sandbox for a while before dinner. 

On Saturday we went to the mall for a while to pick up our new phones. We got the Iphone SE because we love the size and our phones were starting to get a little bit worn out. The girls did pretty good there so we went to lunch after and then stopped by my parents house to play.  J likes to look at the pictures of my phone, so when I told her we didn't have pictures on my phone yet, she told me to take her picture. 

Sunday morning the girls woke up in a bad mood. Since M was still coughing we decided not to take her to church. She's not contagious anymore, but she still needs some rest to get all the way better. So J and Daddy went to church and M and I stayed home. She played good while I got to re-listen to some of my favorite conference talks. 

Fingers crossed she will be a happier girl tomorrow and we will get our to do list done. 

What was your weekend highlight?

Favorite kind of food?


  1. Just curious, what did the pediatrician give her for croup? We've had it several times in our house and I don't think I've ever given them anything, just had them either breathe in steam from the running shower or take them outside when it's cold to breathe the cold air.

    1. Croup sucks! They usually put them on a steroid that just helps to get them better faster. We have had to do it in nebulizer form, liquid form and now pills. The pills by far are the most entertaining.