Friday, April 8, 2016

A Bit of Daily Randomness

There hasn't been a lot of running happening lately. I can't get the drive to get dressed and go running when I can only make it a mile at this point. So I did a little cardio on Grokker this morning instead. 

Since J is on spring break, I feel like I should still be having her practice something. Today she asked what she could do and I told her to write her name and the ABC's... does this defeat the purpose of spring break? 

M wasn't feeling great this morning so we spent the morning at home. Playdough, blocks, playing with her sister. I think we went through a lot of our options just this morning. So in the afternoon we went out for a walk to get some fresh air and catch the nice sunshine. 

Speaking of sunshine, I got more than I'd thought at the park. Can you see my sandal line? My arms are much more burnt. Next time I'll remember the sunscreen for sure. 

And as the last bit of randomness for the day, this is my favorite store bought salsa. If you live in Utah, you need to try it. You can find it at Maceys, it's their home made salsa. I'm not usually a chunky salsa fan but this one is an exception.

Any randomness from you today?

Do you prefer chunky or smooth salsa?

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