Friday, April 29, 2016

5 on Friday and a Questions on Cookware

Here are 5 random things for your Friday.

1. You know how people say they are going to go lay out to get a "healthy tan"? Well, I love to lay out and get a nice tan, but I can't pretened that it's a safe tan. Skin cancer runs in my family so I try to be careful about getting too much sun damage. But, again, I love to get a nice tan. This is the best "safe tan" I think there is. I've used this stuff since high school and it works great. It smells a lot better now than it did back then too.  Some sun is good for you, being someone who deals with depression, I know that the value of a little sunshine and warmth on your skin can do wonders. But too much exposer is just not smart. So that's when I pull this stuff out to help me not look like a ghost during the summer months.


I can't get enough of the colorful blossoms that are lingering around here. It's been rainy the last few days, but when it starts to warm up, we spend all the time we can outside playing. 

3.  J has gotten really into using my nice camera. Part of me cringes every time she sees it and picks it up. Those are not cheap! But part of me wants to let her explore it. I was only 8 when I gained a love for photography. It's a hobby that I would love passing on to her. Just, maybe not with this camera yet...?

4. I'm a big fan of Mexican food...I think we probably all know this by now. So THIS recipe for chicken taco meat has become a regular at our house lately. 

5. Here are a few of J's pictures she's taken today.  So far she's getting pretty good at abstract. 

If you think you might want to link up for a 5 on Friday, here are some blogs that you can link up to. 


Do you have a favorite summer product?

Any hobbies that you've passed down to your kids?

And now a bonus question: I'm looking for some new pots and pans. Any suggestions on a good (but affordable) stainless steal brand? 


  1. Beautiful.

  2. I used to use Jergen's natural glow. I definitely need to get a new bottle and start using it! How awesome that J is interested in playing with your camera! Maybe you have an old small digital camera laying around somewhere you could let her use??

    1. Thats the sad thing I'm pretty sure I got rid of it about a year ago :(. I'll have to keep an eye out for something cheap though, always good to have a bribe on hand for better listening and stuff.

  3. That picture of your daughter with the camera gives me heart palpitations! You're a better mother than me. My kids would be deathly afraid to pick it up because it would incur mom's wrath...