Friday, April 29, 2016

5 on Friday and a Questions on Cookware

Here are 5 random things for your Friday.

1. You know how people say they are going to go lay out to get a "healthy tan"? Well, I love to lay out and get a nice tan, but I can't pretened that it's a safe tan. Skin cancer runs in my family so I try to be careful about getting too much sun damage. But, again, I love to get a nice tan. This is the best "safe tan" I think there is. I've used this stuff since high school and it works great. It smells a lot better now than it did back then too.  Some sun is good for you, being someone who deals with depression, I know that the value of a little sunshine and warmth on your skin can do wonders. But too much exposer is just not smart. So that's when I pull this stuff out to help me not look like a ghost during the summer months.


I can't get enough of the colorful blossoms that are lingering around here. It's been rainy the last few days, but when it starts to warm up, we spend all the time we can outside playing. 

3.  J has gotten really into using my nice camera. Part of me cringes every time she sees it and picks it up. Those are not cheap! But part of me wants to let her explore it. I was only 8 when I gained a love for photography. It's a hobby that I would love passing on to her. Just, maybe not with this camera yet...?

4. I'm a big fan of Mexican food...I think we probably all know this by now. So THIS recipe for chicken taco meat has become a regular at our house lately. 

5. Here are a few of J's pictures she's taken today.  So far she's getting pretty good at abstract. 

If you think you might want to link up for a 5 on Friday, here are some blogs that you can link up to. 


Do you have a favorite summer product?

Any hobbies that you've passed down to your kids?

And now a bonus question: I'm looking for some new pots and pans. Any suggestions on a good (but affordable) stainless steal brand? 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rainy day Yesterday

Some days you need to just have a break, and yesterday was that day for me. It was a rainy, dreary day and I was in a little bit of a heavy mood. So instead of writing some sad, pitty party post, I thought it would be better to take the day off from writing. So instead we spent the day doing some of these things:

First we listened to some music and I let the girls color and play and do whatever. I tried not to worry about the mess or fight with M to clean up (because she's really struggled with that lately).

I had a salad with leftovers from THIS chicken for lunch, with some pears. It was pretty tastey. I'm not a big salad person, but whenever I have leftover chicken,  it makes a salad worth it. And it made me feel all healthy.

J had a field trip and wanted me to go with her, but M was having a really hard, fussy day and I didn't think it would be smart to take her with us. So I told J that I couldn't go.  Then I felt really bad about it. Not that I go to many of her field trips, I was more just sad that she asked and wanted me to go and I said no....Not sure how long she will want me around when it comes to those things.  I told her I'll go to the next one though.  

M had quiet time, watching a movie while J was at school.  We had a few snacks with it. Some days you have to dig into your secret stash of chocolate. And yesterday was one of those days. 

Lately M has been noticing my ring.  She really likes to touch and look at it and she always points out when I don't have it on. Also, one of our snacks was popcorn. 

After school, we went to play with the cousins at my sister's house. She said she'd been having the same kind of day. Funny how a little bit of rainy weather after a week of beautiful, sunny weather, can do that to you.  It was nice to be able to get some adult conversation in while all the kids played. 

We put the girls in the bath early, like right after dinner.  When they got out and dressed, they got the blow dryer out and started drying each other's hair.  I don't know that it was super productive, but it was fun to watch. 

We spent the rest of the night relaxing because Trevon and I were both exhausted and just needed to lounge. I woke up this morning feeling much better and more motivated to get something done. 

Does weather effect the way you feel?

Do you have a secret candy spot? What kind of candy do you hide?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Easy 5 Ingredient Chicken Tacos

Remember how I hate polly pockets? Well, we are slowly breaking all the polly pocket things (not on purpose).  This happened and one girl was pretty sad, but I didn't feel too bad. 

Sometimes when we go to the store, we run into my sister had her kids. Usually when this happens, we end up switching carts. My mom was there today too, so all the kids decided they needed to ride with her. That was good for me, because I got my shopping done quick and didn't even have to keep anyone happy with snacks. But my mom had a cart full. 

We stopped by my mom's again after grocery shopping. The girls have been really into playing with all my old Kelly dolls. You know, Barbie's little sister?  I had a ton of them that my mom still has and the girls love them. I like them a lot more than polly pockets because the clothes are much easier to put on. 

And now, I want to share a favorite recipe. If you're looking for a super easy and delicious way to make taco meat, this one is awesome. We have tacos a lot at our house, and I get super tired of the ground beef taco, so I decided to switch things up. I made these easy chicken tacos the other day for dinner. It was quick and easy with little clean up and it was so yummy! I also had left overs, so there were a lot of great options for lunches too.

Here's what you'll need:

I use one large chicken breast, we have a family of 4 and J doesn't usually like meat on her quesadilla (which is what she requests instead of tacos. she's our picky eater).
Your favorite green enchilada sauce
1 lime
chicken broth or a bouillon cube
chopped onions.

I'm not one to measure directly. I never have been. But for this purpose, I'll estimate about how much I put in.

1 large chicken breast
8 oz green enchilada sauce
lime juice from one lime
about 1/2 cup - 1 cup broth (enough to cover half the chicken breast)
a couple TBS of chopped onion. Add more if you like a lot of onion.

Put it all in a crock pot and cook it on high for 4 hours or low for 6. When you are ready to eat it, shred it up with some forks and then it's all ready for you to put on your tacos.

I love it on a salad for left overs with lettuce, chicken, and a little salsa and guacamole mixed in with crushed chips on top.

Do you have any of your old toys still?

What's your favorite way to make tacos?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Things

For the start of the weekend, it was nice and warm and beautiful. So we spent a lot of time outside.  The blossoms on the trees are pretty to look at, but they are sure making allergies at our house a pain the last week. 

We started our planting this weekend too. The girls wanted to plant carrots, which is kind of weird since they don't even eat carrots. But maybe this will change things. We tried planting carrots last year with no luck, so we will see how it goes this year. 

I can't seem to eat anything lately with out spilling it all over my shirt. This was my second shirt change of the day. I'm either going to have to do laundry more often or get more maternity shirts if I keep this up. 

Like I said, we spent a lot of time outside, M decided the only way she was going to eat lunch was if it was on our little picnic table. I'm ok with that because I feel like the more time we spend outside, the better. 

While J was at school, we had some mommy/ daughter time. M hasn't had a lot of a one on one time with me since J is usually with me too. It's going to get even harder after baby comes. So we are trying to fit as much of it in as possible right now. Since M's birthday is in October, we got a free "half birthday" coupon from Rita's Italian Ice so she could enjoy it in the warm weather. She chose raspberry and it was a really good choice. If you haven't been to Rita's, I highly suggest it. 

Friday night we stopped by for a visit at Grandpa's house. While we were visiting, he told us about a noise he had been noticing like something was stuck in his fire place. Trevon didn't wait long to take the chance to get on the roof and check things out. 

Turns out it was a raccoon that, we thought, just couldn't get out on it's own. So Trevon stuck a big stick down there to see if it would climb out before calling animal control. When animal control got there, they said they've been having a lot of calls for raccoons lately. He got it out and told us that this momma raccoon was probably down there for a place to have her babies. We were pretty glad she didn't have them while she was down there. 

We had our second swimming lesson this week. J had a good time, but M was not happy about going under the water. We will see how next week goes with that. I am learning though and wore shorts this time instead of leggings. 

These cheetoes always seem like a good idea until I eat one, styrofoam covered in fake cheese....The crunchy ones are much better though. 

I have felt pretty good physically this whole pregnancy, until the last few days. We are at the tail end of it and things are starting to get stretched and moved and swollen.  Exercise hasn't been happening and I'm feeling more tired. But that's all in preparation for when I'm waking up to feed the little guy several times a night. Only about a month or so left until he's here!

Mommy who are reading, what are your favorite one on one time things to do with your kids?

Do you have a favorite chip?
  I can't say I have a favorite, but I like a lot of chips more than puff cheetos. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Picnics are a Favorite Thing

Remember how I gave J and under-dog on the swings, at the park the other day? And I hurt myself doing it? Yeah, there was a lot of pelvic pain the next day. So after trying to walk around my house, and feeling like an old lady all morning, I looked up some prenatal stretching to work on to hopefully help it loosen up. It helped a little.

I considered trying some Yoga again. I've never been one to love yoga. I can't get my mindset into it I guess. I was quickly reminded of that when I was watching some of the videos on yoga. It just moves way too slow for me. And for some strange reason, the calmness and slowness they have when talking doesn't relax me, it stresses me out. While that works for some people, it doesn't work for me, so I'll stick to just stretching on my own. 

J did think it was funny though, that I would stop in the middle of everything and stretch a little. 

We had a picnic day because it was great weather and an excuse to spend most of the day outside. We love going to our "special lunch park" and then letting the kids play after we eat. 

J wore herself out. She also jumped off the playground and got an ouch. So she spent most of the rest of the afternoon babying her hand. 

It took a little convincing her that she wasn't going to lose her whole hand because of this. But she's completely forgot about it now. 

M on the other hand had more energy than anyone else. She was still going strong when it was time to leave. Maybe that's because she was carrying her water bottle everywhere she went. Or maybe just because she's at that age.

We all love when the weather turns warm enough to play outside all day. We went from the park to the sand box. 

And then the tired started to set in and M had a little fit in the wood chips.  That called for another bath for the day. So we cleaned up and went inside. Another reason we love spring and summer time is that we can go on walks after dinner and it's still nice and light outside. So we did that to keep my legs loose and to calm the girls down for bed time. 

Do you have any summer time rituals?
  Picnics and evening walks for us. 

Are you a Yoga person?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Some Pictures and Things From Yesterday

Yesterday morning, while J was doing homework and I was getting my todo list done, M disappeared. When I found her, I also found this. Luckily, they are old stickers that barely stick anymore. This is how our day started. Between this picture and lunch time, we also had 2 polly pockets break (not something I feel too bad about, but you know, the kids were kind of sad. Today they are playing with the polly's head and body separately and think its funny.) several wrestling matches to break up before someone killed the other, and 3 poopy diapers to change because M is in that stage between potty training and diapers where she won't go on the toilet but she doesn't want to go in her diaper. It leads to a lot of wasted diapers, and money. 

J celebrated her birthday at preschool yesterday.  Since her real birthday is in the summer time. We got to make a poster about her and take a special treat to class. She picked popsicles at the store the other day to take with her. She was also pretty excited about wearing this sparkle crown that is also her favorite color. 

After school our neighbors brought over a few oranges to share. They were massive! So I pealed one for me and the girls to share, and then I ate it all because it was delicious. I've talked about how I have a hard time sharing food before. It's a work in progress. 

While I was eating my orange, I looked down and noticed how sad my feet are looking lately. A little swollen and dry and needing a fresh coat of polish on my might be time for a pedicure, after all, I can't reach my feet anymore on my own. 

The girls wanted to go to the park yesterday afternoon, so we did. It was great weather. This picture was taken right before I gave M an under-dog on the swing and pulled something in my leg. The things that you can't do anymore when you're 32 weeks pregnant. I'm feeling a little old today waddling around. At least the girls had fun. 

I saw this on facebook after dinner last night. The last line made me laugh so I decided to share it with all of you. Yes I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, and yes, I'm proud of it. 

Then we went outside to play while it was nice and warm still. Trev helped J play a little baseball, I was really surprised with how well she actually hit the ball. I sat in a chair and kicked the ball back and forth with M. It made me feel pretty lazy, but I couldn't do a lot of moving at that point. Hopefully this doesn't last long. 

Are you a Harry Potter lover or hater?

What's your favorite summer time fruit?