Thursday, March 24, 2016

When The Power Goes Out, You Change Plans

We had a stormy, chilly day yesterday. So I'd planned on staying inside as much as possible and getting a good amount of blogging stuff done while the girls played. And then the power went out. We had a power line near us catch fire and it took a good 4-5 hours to repair. So the blogging to do list didn't get all done.  We settled for the cleaning to do list, because that also needed to be done.

For quiet time, I usually let the girls watch a movie. J was at school so it was just M, but a movie wasn't an option and because I couldn't use the computer either, we played instead.

Dress up, and Frozen toys made her happy. She was happy and entertained for 2 hours. Then the power came back on! So we fixed the clocks and I finished what I was working on and we headed out to pick J up. They requested playing with their cousins, so we went to my sister's house and hung there until it was time to go home and make dinner. 

After dinner we watched a movie and had hot chocolate. It sounded better than a milk shake because it was so cold. 

By bed time, I was exhausted and ready for some quiet alone time. J was fussy and tired and didn't want to listen so it was a struggle to get them in bed. By the time they did go to bed, the Grokker workout I'd planned didn't sound very appealing. What did sound appealing was a big bowl of ice cream and watching Fixer Upper. But that made me feel guilty so I decided to give my Fixer Upper workout a try. And I decided that it was a much more fun way to do a workout, and I'll probably be making another one soon to share so everyone can mix it up. Have you tried it yet? What are your thoughts?

Before bed, I had to take this iron supplement. My glucose test came back normal, but unfortunately, my iron is way too low. The thing with iron, is that they don't like you to take iron with anything dairy or your prenatal. So I can't take it in the morning. They also don't like you to take it with calcium which was a problem because Tums have been a really good thing at nights. So I can't take it in the mornings due to prenatal and dairy foods, and taking it at night meant I couldn't take it before bed because Tums have calcium in it. So I switched to prevacid. At least I know that works for me. 

They couldn't at least try to make it a more appealing color? At least it's small. I was not looking forward to taking it because I'd heard that iron tends to be hard on your stomach. But I read the box like 50 times and it says right on the front "gentle on your stomach" and it was actually pretty ok compared to all the horror stories I'd heard. If there was any queasiness, I slept through it. So tonight I won't be so resistant to taking it. 

What do you do when the power goes out?

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