Friday, March 25, 2016

Random Things From Our Day

Yesterday was a good, productive day. Everyone felt good and was mostly happy.  The girls were a little fussy in the morning. So we opted for a morning bath to kind of reset things. Afterwords, M would not let me take her knot out. There are worse things. Besides, this hair style is "in" right now.

After the morning chores were done, we set out for some errands. We went to Costco and got a massive amount of things on our list. While we were there, we ran into my mom and sister.  The girls really love when this happens. 

One of the things on our list were these fruit leather snacks. We had them a couple of days ago at a friend's house and the girls loved them (so did I). So I had to get some because they are healthy and theres no complaints about the girls eating something healthy. It also helps me with all the sweet cravings I've been having. They are also super convenient so it was a big win for us. 

We are also getting ready for planting to start at our house. I love this time of year. So every where I go that I notice flowers, I stop and look through them. I almost always know exactly what I'm going to plant, but I still can't help but stop and look.  The smell of the dirt and the flowers makes me happy. This wasn't always the case. I hated yard work up until I got my own yard. Now I'm loving it and I love the feeling when I see all the new life coming back after winter. 

After we'd gotten our errands run and lunch done, the girls wanted to go back up to my mom's house. We are super lucky to live so close, so this happens a lot. When we got up there, she had one more errand to run so we went with her. We may have gotten a little side tracked looking at baby boy clothes. He's going to look pretty cute in these little outfits. Just so you all know, Target is having a buy one get one 50% off deal on carters clothes right now. 

After dinner, and the girls were in bed, it was time for a run. Last night I had a really hard time running. I had a side ache the whole time and couldn't get past 1.5 miles. That's ok, I don't need to be pushing myself that hard right now. And this morning I'm feeling it. It may be time to take another little step back from running for the next couple of months. No more than 1 mile at a time and doing alternative workouts for a while.  

Are you a bad impulse buyer?

Any healthier snack finds lately?

Do you like yard work or hate it?

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  1. You should see my yard. It's one of those things I should do, but I don't like to do it, so it goes at the very bottom of my list. I want to be that person - but I'm not.