Thursday, March 17, 2016

Glucose Test and Rewarding Myself

We got my least favorite dr appointment out of the way yesterday. The glucose test. They say this stuff tastes like flat orange flavored soda, but that's a lie. Maybe like orange scented soap. Or maybe even super concentrated orange soda flavoring, but not flat soda. The worst part about this test is that you have to drink the whole bottle in 5 minutes and you can't eat anything else until after your blood gets drawn.  After you get the stuff to stay down, it's not so bad. The rest of the appointment is great. I even got to see little guy's profile for the first time today, he's a look-straight-at-the-camera kind of kid so far.

I did so well at the doctors, I decided I deserved a treat. So I ran to the store and got myself a donut. And I ate it there because, who wants to wait?

Minus the major sugar crash I had once we got home from running errands, it was totally worth all the extra sugar on top of the nasty sugar drink. 

Our blossoms are looking fantastic. And they smell so good in our house. I'm really happy about having them there and I'm really hoping they last a while. 

The girls wanted their toes painted. It's been a while since I've agreed to paint any of their nails. It just doesn't last that long. And they are both nail biters, so I hate painting their finger nails. But they asked so I decided that was a good idea to pass time. J went with all sparkles and M decided on two colors. 

While on the way to the doctors, I was listening to some talk show on the radio. They were talking about pregnancy brain and had listeners text in their experiences with pregnancy brain. I could relate to a few of them, but the one that made me laugh the hardest was a lady that got in the passenger seat of her car, waiting for someone to drive her where she needed to go. She was there for a few minutes before she remembered that she was supposed to be driving. 

Have you ever dealt with pregnancy brain?

What kind of treat do you get to reward yourself? 


  1. I live in terror of the glucose test. One time I failed the drink and had to do the follow-up test that took FOREVER! (It was negative.)

    1. Oh man, I was so worried I would have to retake it because they called and told me I needed to call back about my results. Ended up just being low iron. Still sucks to have to take a supplement for that but better than retaking a glucose test for sure.