Tuesday, March 1, 2016

4 Tips for Working Out in Your First Trimester

One of the things that comes to my mind when I first find out that I'm expecting a baby is how I'm going to stay in shape through out pregnancy. I've always been active and healthy, and I want to keep it that way.

When I was pregnant with J, my doctor (who was an older gentleman) advised me not to run or do anything too intense through out my pregnancy.  I gained far more weight than I wanted to even with out realizing it. Now looking back at pictures of me then, I can't believe how much weight I gained in more than just my stomach.

This is a month before delivering, my sister and I went on a hike with my parents and nephew on the 4th of July. I only made it .5 miles. I'm pretty sure I gained around 45 lbs with this pregnancy. For some that is normal, and that is 100% ok! For me and my size, that was quite a bit. And while delivery and recovery went pretty well after J was born, I didn't want to gain weight like that again. 

My second pregnancy, I got a new doctor who advised and encouraged staying active. I took 2 gym classes a week all through that pregnancy. I ran until I was 4 months along (Didn't have my great support belt that I have now) and I did insanity up until the day before having her. This is the one time I've ever wished I'd taken a picture. All of my weight gain was in my stomach. I only gained 30 lbs with her, even though she was quite a bit bigger than J. 

This pregnancy I've decided to retain as much activity as possible. I'm running more, I'm doing at home work outs, and I'm going to the gym once a week. I wanted to share with you all some tips on working out while you're in your first trimester of pregnancy.

It's important to point out that you should always follow doctors orders. Ask your doctor if it's safe for you to work out before taking any advice from me (as I'm not a doctor, just a stay at home mom who loves to work out and write about it). 

1. Working out in your first trimester can be hard because you're low on energy. If you can squeeze a 15 minute nap into your day, you will have much more drive and energy to do even just a small workout. 

2. You don't always feel great during your first trimester. Some feel sick all the time. I was much sicker with this pregnancy than I ever was with my girls. I made sure to always keep something in my stomach.  A few crackers, a piece of bread, or even a jolly rancher to suck on will help you feel up to working out a little bit more. Don't eat a lot right before a workout, and make sure you have enough time to digest so that you don't have stomach problems during your work out. 

3. Do something that you know you enjoy.  For me, I don't like yoga, so there's no way I would have the drive to do a yoga workout when I'm already considering not working out.  If you like to get a swim in, go for a run, go lift some weights or do a short at home routine do one of those. 

4. You can do almost any workout in your first trimester that you did before pregnancy. Make sure to modify when you need to. Listen to your body (and your doctor). 

Do you have a favorite workout?

Any tips for working out during pregnancy?


  1. Wow, you and your sister look exactly like each other! For my first 5 pregnancies I pretty much only gained weight in my belly (I didn't work out especially, it just happened that way) but I've already gained more weight than I did in any of those pregnancies this time around, and I'm only 3/4 of the way through! Not sure why, I don't think I've been doing anything different. I'm teasing Phillip because I might actually outweigh him by the end of this pregnancy!

    1. Haha, yes, we do look a lot alike. People think we are twins but she's almost 4 years older than me. It's crazy how different every pregnancy can be.