Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our Current Phase

This week is only half over and I thought that Tuesday was Thursday all day long. We are missing the warm around here lately.  You can tell by the amount of mess, arguing and crying that has been happening at our house.

On Monday I woke up early for my work out. It's getting harder to wake up for those lately, but I know that when I do get up, I'll be much more productive and happier afterwords.

This picture actually makes me look much bigger than I am. But it shows how big I feel so far. I've reminded myself over and over that I'm not that big. I'm still wearing normal jeans, and I'm just barely working my way into maternity shirts.  

We had a good work out and we were productive on Monday. But Tuesday came next. J was upset from the second she rolled out of bed. She just had a hard day. I felt bad for the girl, but she was in time out several times that day.  She had school, which she usually comes home happy from, but Tuesday she came home mad and tired. I put a movie on and let her go to sleep. But by dinner time she was back at it. Crying hard enough to throw up (this is something she has done since she was a newborn).  So I loaded M up in the car to go to my sister's birthday party while Trevon stayed and gave J a bath.  Turns out she let him know that some things were happening at school that made her upset.  After hearing about it and worrying about it for several hours, I decided that if I continued to get that kind of report from her, then I'd worry about it. Sometimes kids can just be mean and other times they can be bullies. 

We've played a lot of games like this 

And this lately

Luckily they play really nice together most of the time. But lately when it's time to clean up, the crying, feet stomping, toy throwing fits start. And I'm at my whits end with it. I started to pull out the time out box. All the toys that don't get put right away when it's time to clean, get put in there and they have to earn them back. Sometimes this works, and other times it just makes them more mad. 

I noticed a little pattern in J today, while I was reading my old journal.  Last time I was pregnant, she started acting the same way as she is now.  After reading it, I had a couple of thoughts.  

1. It's a phase, it will pass.
2. Why?
3. What can I do to help her?

These are questions I'll be working on for a while. And while we are in this phase, I'm eagerly waiting to see this in my back yard. 

Because when spring comes, I feel like I can breathe again. Outside play, running, warm walks, getting out. That's what I'm looking forward to.

What is your current phase?

What helps you get through the last few months of winter?


  1. I'm very much ready for spring too. I feel like it was worse last winter, as far as the mental aspect of getting through winter. However, it's always tough. I've been finding that staying in my habits and doing little things like cleaning the house, organizing things, etc. is helping me stay motivated.

    1. I totally get the cleaning thing. It's like as soon as Christmas decorations go down I'm ready for spring cleaning.

  2. I love the Spring and just the change of attitude it brings as well. We've already started cleaning out old items that are unnecessary for us. My husband is in the military, which is nice because since we move we don't accumulate a whole heck of a lot.

  3. How do you manage to stay out of maternity pants before shirts? I'm always the other way around - around 2 months my regular pants are seconds away from exploding like a pair of tearaway slacks but I won't need the shirts for another month!

    1. I'm honestly not sure how this happened. The first two kids I was out of regular pants super fast. But somehow I'm always pleasantly surprised when I put my pants on and they fit every morning. I must be carrying him super high or something.