Monday, January 25, 2016

Fried Eggs and Selfies

Here's a little recap of the rest of what our week looked like.

Mornings started out a little like this. M asked for either eggs or pancakes every day this week. It's a good thing, because even though I felt a little lazy about making the food and cleaning the mess, it got me to eat a little healthier too. Fried eggs sounded good to me more than scrambled lately too.

Just so I'm not fooling anyone into thinking I've been all healthy and stuff, I ate a whole pan of brownies the rest of the day after these eggs. Chocolate is a huge weakness right now. 

 I've been finding a lot of selfies of M on my phone lately. She's figured the camera out and now if my phone isn't in my pocket this is what I find. She's pretty cute though, so I don't mind too much.

 The girls have been playing really well together for the most part. Lately they like to play with the baby dolls and pretend to feed them and put them to sleep. It would be great if they keep thinking it's so fun when baby brother comes, and he cries for real.

While the girls play, it gives me a little time to work on this quilt. I got it when I found out I was pregnant with J but after finding out it was a girl, I started working on a cute quilt I made out of my grandma's old clothes. So now I'm finishing it up. 

What have you been up to this week?

Any unfinished projects you need to be finishing?


  1. As the weather gets colder, I find myself craving more and more chocolate. Especially warm hot chocolate! Your quilting is absolutely beautiful.

    1. Hot chcolate is my favorite thing about winter. You're so sweet, thank you.

  2. Preschooler selfies are the best! Mine usually takes random blurry pictures of objects around the house which isn't nearly so fun to look at.