Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Snow Day

Today we got hit with a big snow storm.  It's been non stop since 5 A.M. this morning. I know that because I've been up since then.

This morning I went to the gym for Pump with Kara. It's been a while, and I felt it. After a month of being sick or too busy or taking care or injuries, it was hard to make it though that work out. Over the weekend I did go running for the first time in that month.  I only made it a mile, but I did it. I'll talk a little bit more on what is helping with running during pregnancy after Christmas.

After we got the girls dressed and going for the day, I really didn't want to go to the grocery store while it was snowing that hard. So we stuck around the house and stayed dry and warm. But it didn't last forever. The girls decided they wanted to play in the snow.

I'm not one who loves snow or cold or any of that. But I want them to enjoy it and play in it the way I did growing up so I sucked it up and went out with them.

We tried to build a snow man. It went ok, considering the girls had never done it before. M kept trying to knock him over though. So it's more like a snow pillar with arms. But the girls were happy.  By the time we were done, they were ready for lunch.

This lunch wasn't from today. But I wanted to share it anyway. This sounded weird but for some reason I really wanted it over the weekend.

Mac and Cheese with Chili mixed in it. It wasn't too bad and it was pretty filling. Although, it also wasn't as good as my mind was telling me it would be. I think the chili just over powered the cheese but it was good anyway.

Are you a snow person?

Do you have any weird food combos you like?


  1. I'm almost jealous of your snow, and then I remember how miserable I am once the snow starts around here. I'm the queen of making weirdo combinations. Sometimes they work, sometimes.. ehh. hahahah

    1. Yeah. I don't mind the snow as long as I don't have anywhere to take my kids that day. Snow with kids can be fun but also takes twice as long to get anywhere and the. You have a million things to carry and you're all wet by the time you get home. But snow helps a lot with the Christmas spirit for me so I'm doing my best to just enjoy it now. I just had a family friend in Australia tell me it's 90 degrees there and it made me miss summer. But I'm going to try to enjoy winter a little bit too.

  2. I used to love getting outside to play in the snow when I was little! Now I'm not as much of a snow person or cold person. But good for you for getting outside with your girls. They'll remember that!

    1. I was exactly the same way. I loved the snow. Now I really don't like anything that has to do with cold weather.

  3. Snow! I wish we had at least some. And I've tried that mac and cheese chili before and didn't care for it. Just tasted like chili, so what's the point of the mac and cheese?