Monday, December 7, 2015

One Crazy Week

Busy, busy week. It's definitly the holiday season. We are loving all the parties and shopping and other activities that come with it. But last week was jam packed every day.

It started out on Monday when my phone broke. I didn't notice until I hadn't been getting any replies or texts all day.  I figured I was just a loser. But it turns out that my SIMS card was broken on my phone.  We had a pretty hectic day of running errands and doing chores, in the middle of which Trevon called and asked if I was getting any of his texts.  Stupid phones.  We ended that night with a family dinner on Monday to celebrate Thanksgiving with Trevon's mom, and a little send off party for my brother in law as he prepared to serve a mission for the LDS church.

Tuesday was full of more errands since wednesday was going to be crazy again. We went to get my phone fixed and then went to Costco to finish the grocery shopping for the week.  I usually do Costco sometime on Wednesday, so I remembered half way through our trip that Tuesday is J's school day and it was Tuesday, not Wednesday. So we hurried the rest of our shopping a long and made it back home just in time to get J some lunch and get her to school.

Wedensday was our really busy day.  It started with a Dr.'s appointment for me in the morning. Because we were going to lunch with Trevon's dad and siblings after, Trev and the girls came with me. It was a really good appointment but my blood pressure was crazy low.  The Dr didn't seem too concerned and told me to drink lots of water to help raise it back up.  We took a look at the little one (it's always fun to see the baby move around. It actually looked like a baby this time and not just a clump of cells).
The appointment ended right on time to go meet the family at JCW.  After a lot of great visiting and yummy food, it was time to say goodbye to our missionary.  This is always really bitter sweet. While we wont be able to see him for 2 years, and only get to talk to him through email/letters and phone call twice a year, we are super proud of him for going.  But, he will be very missed.
After we got home and did some quiet time, we needed to go to Target and get a birthday present for a cousins party.  On the way M fell asleep in the car. I hoped and prayed that she would stay asleep if I moved her to the cart. Blessings! She did. She hadn't napped in a week and she didn't sleep until 10 the night before. So you can imagine how the fits were going.  This is something that never happens to me. And I loved it until 2 hours later I was still wandering around Target wondering what else I could look at to entertain J.  Luckily she woke up shortly after the christmas decorations that Target had up stopped being funny to J.

Thursday was not so crazy.  We had a birthday party in the morning. The girls loved playing with their cousins and having pizza for lunch.  Then when I took J to school, I took M to my sisters to play and went to get my hair cut. And even though it was just a trim, it was way over due.  After that we all walked over to pick up J and I let them play with their cousins some more before going home to make dinner.

Trev went over to set up the tables for our ward christmas party and I watched Anne of Green Gables, had hot chocolate, and relaxed a little. It was one of the best moments of the week.

Friday was another busy day. Not that we had a lot of places to go, just a big project to finish. I was asked to help with the ward Christmas party decorations. We kept it as simple as possible, but it was still a lot of work. It took about five hours to get everything done. But it turned out really nice.
For dinner, we went to the ward Christmas party and got to visit with neighbors and have some good food. J got to sing with the primary and they gave them all jingle bells to use and keep. She was pretty excited about that.

Saturday was a much needed rest day. We got a few errands done in the morning, but the rest of the day was relaxing. I took a nap while the girls played with daddy and watched a movie. Then I made dinner and the girls in the bath.
After dinner, Trevon had a meeting so the girls and I made a little treat and then I put them to bed so I could spend a little time watching my favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas.

Sunday was a little calmer, the biggest thing was our family Christmas party that evening. This is always a great night. Once again, good food and great company. Santa came. The girls were a little star struck. M didn't know what to think of sitting on his lap.

So it was a crazy week, but full of tons of fun and excitement. This week should be a little calmer. I will hopefully get some running in and have a little bit of time to share some more on the blog.

What was your week like?

Have your holiday parties started yet?

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  1. My holiday parties haven't started yet, but that's fine because I still need to do lots of prep for the holidays in general!