Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Our Halloween

Halloween. Guys, I feel like I sorta dropped the ball on Halloween this year.

First were the costumes.  We are usually pretty good about coming up with fun and good family costume ideas.  J's first Halloween, she was a ghost and we were ghost busters. J's second halloween she was a bear (I've mentioned before how I wish I would have had her be Ellen DeGeneres). M's first Halloween they were a cat and mouse. Last year we were Rockford peaches. This year was a struggle.  I really wanted to have the girls be birds, J didn't want to be a bird. She wanted to be a princess. And, yeah, she's a little girl and the princess thing is going to happen. But, everyone dresses up as Elsa or Ariel or Cinderella.

Anyway, she won.  She was Cinderella and M was the fairy godmother. Trev and I opted out of dressing up.

So we bought J her Cinderella dress, and we made a make shift fairy godmother costume for M out of an old Cinderella dress, a glow stick wand, some miss matched wings and a head band. It works.

The week of Halloween got here and we realized that we hadn't even set up our Halloween decorations. So the Tuesday before, we got them out and set up a few, but not all. I didn't want to have to take the time to set them all up to take them down a couple of days later.

But even though I dropped the ball a little on those things, we still had a great Halloween.  We went to the annual skeleton soup party at my grandma's house. That's always a lot of fun for the kids and a great way to make sure they eat before they trick or treat. Although, all M ate was a cookie and a little bit of a sandwich, and J just didn't eat.

The best part about Halloween was, of course, the trick or treating. We invited some friends to come with us this year and we all had a great time. Usually, I spend this time at home handing out candy. I always thought it was a little lame to just leave the bowl of candy out, but that's what happened this year. And I was happy I went. Although, I was a little worried about some punk kids coming and taking our bowl or braking it like they did to my sister.

Parents, if you let your teenage kids go trick or treating (our limit was always 12 years old) then please talk to them about be respectful to everyone else and their property. There is no reason to ruin someone else's holiday by breaking, vandalizing or stealing their stuff. Seriously. Little twerps.

Anyway, all in all, it was a good Halloween. And the girls were happy with what they were dressed as. That's what matters.

What did you dress as? 

What age did you stop trick or treating?


  1. Yes jerk teenagers who took all the dandy and smashed my bowl in the road! Did I mention the broken eggs in my mailbox?!