Tuesday, October 6, 2015

J's Running Survey and A Hill Workout

J has always been aware of my running and interested in it. So I asked her a few questions about running to see what she has figured out and what she would answer.

Q: What does Mommy eat before running?
A: Cereal.
      Nope. If I run at night, I eat dinner 2 hours before. But mostly not cereal.

Q:How far does Mommy run every day?
A: 1 Mile.
    Nope. haha, I do run a mile, but I usually do a few other miles with it.

Q: Why does Mommy run?
A: Because you want to go running at night.
     Yep. That's really, basically all there is to it.

Q: Do you like to watch me race?
A: Yes, but I want to run with you and then get my face painted.
     Someday you'll run with me in a race!

Q: Do you want to run, like me?
A: *Nods head*

Q: When is Mommy's next race?
A: I don't know when it is. What next race?

What a smarty-pants, silly girl. We sure love her.

Well, we went over to the club house for a run because we weren't able to go until later. And while I don't mind running at night, I don't love running in the dark. There is a lot of construction going on around us lately and that makes it hard to run at night because there's not as many visible street lights at the moment.

It was a hill run on the schedule, so this is what we did:

.50 mile warm up

.50 mile 4% incline, 6.8 speed

.25 mile 3% incline, 6.8 speed

.25 mile 5% incline, 6.8 speed

.25 mile 4% incline, 6.8 speed

.25 mile 6% incline, 6.8 speed

then we were supposed to do 1 mile flat, and up the speed as much as we felt we had in us. But, of course, the power in the club house went out again. Ugh!!! They have too much equipment in one room and need to spread things out. Don't worry, after we finished the last mile outside, they got a polite but frustrated email all about it. Hopefully something will be fixed soon.

So for this work out summery, if it's something that looks like you'd want to do, warm up, pick a speed you feel comfortable with, then every .25 miles, change the incline on the treadmill. First go up 2% then down 1% then up 2% and back down 1%...you get the idea.

What day of the week do you do your hill runs?

Would you rather do speed work or hill runs?

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