Thursday, October 1, 2015

Having An Off Week

I've had some really difficult runs the last week or so. It's not that the run it's self is hard. Most have been fairly easy 3-4 mile runs. But my legs feel tired and my breathing is off, and I get side aches a lot lately. I can't even pin point what is causing the side aches, but they drive me nuts!

When running gets hard like this for me, things get really frustrating. Running is what I do to relieve the stress. It's how I figure things out and clear my mind. It isn't supposed to cause more stress. That just takes the fun out of it.

If you've ever had something like that happen to you, you know upsetting it can be. It's important to remember that it's just a phase.  You decide whether it's best for you to take a little break, or to push through it. But eventually, if you don't stop running all together, it will pass shortly.

In my case, this week, I needed to just push through it.  With a race coming up in a little over a week, I need to stay focused on running and progressing.  That doesn't mean that I have to hit major goals or push myself hard on every run. Actually, you rarely want to do that. So this week I've taken my pace slower, I've taken milage down a bit. And I've reminded myself over and over that it's ok to have a few off runs. It's not the end of the world and it's not going to make my race worse.

This week we did a Monday afternoon run since I didn't go to my morning class. It was flat and easy going, but it was way hotter than I thought it'd be. And we both struggled, but finished it.

We did a speed work out on Tuesday. YAY! The power was fixed at the clubhouse.  We did a 20 minute block and it was tough too, but it was good to get it done.

Left in store for the week: A hill run, another speed work out, a recovery day and a three mile run. Sunday is always an off day for me.

I feel like I'm getting over this little hiccup in our training, just in time to have an easy week next week and a great race.

Also, I got these great wireless earbuds for my birthday. It took me forever to figure out why they kept falling out.  I replaced the little ear wing pieces and now they fit nice and snug.  Thank heaven, because I really wanted to like them and now I really, really like them.

Do you push through or take a break when you have off days?

Anyone get weird cramping or side aches? What do you do for them?
  I always get cramps in the front of my shoulders, I don't know why or what to do to get them to go away. :(

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