Friday, October 2, 2015

Five On Friday

It's Friday!  We are so excited about this weekend, because it's General Conference. That just means that there is a world wide broadcast from our church that everyone is free to listen to or watch on TV, radio, or the internet. If you're at all interested you should check it out.

Friday means that it's time for our 5 on Friday link up with  Liz and Christina.  Here are 5 things that I'm happy about this week.

1. While I was doing some cleaning around the house, I could hear my girls playing together in the other room. I started to hear the words to one of their favorite books.  My 4 year old was "reading" to her 2 year old sister. It made me really happy and a little emotional hearing them get along so well. Time to slow down a little, they are growing up too fast.

2.  A little while ago I won a $10 gift card to The Jean Girl shop. They have a store in Idaho, and since we were going there anyway, I made Trevon stop there so I could pick out what I wanted.  I came back with more than $10 worth, but I'm super happy about it. I got these cute shirts, and a fun belt that I will be wearing with some of my dresses soon.

3. Like I said earlier, it's conference weekend for us. I'm super happy about this because it means my soul will be fed. More like, it will be a huge feast for my soul. Plus conference means lots of fun with family in between sessions too.

4. This garlic butter has been awesome. It suddenly turned my super picky eater into just a normal picky eater.  She loves this butter on anything. I love it because it makes the whole dinner process easier.  For example. Last night we had pasta and rolls. Well, why not put a little garlic butter on the rolls and make them a little fancier? That's what we did. It also makes french bread super easy. And it goes great on quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches. And I bet that if you wanted to substitute it for sauce on your pasta or marinade on your chicken or stake, that would probably be good too.

5. So I've mentioned this journal on the blog a couple of times. I'm super impressed with how much I'm loving it. You can read more about the journal HERE. But, let me just say that this is a perfect journal for anyone who needs or wants to strengthen their creativity muscles. I highly recommend it.


  1. general conference! woot woot!! ... and garlic butte'sr a sorta'chef's best friend :)

    1. so excited. Especially today, I have felt the need to hear the guidance from conference! Garlic butter has been a life saver. I used that instead of putting garlic on dinner last night. Easy and yummy.

  2. Mmm I've never heard of garlic butter but I think I might need to try it! Yum! And so cute that they were reading together!

    1. The garlic butter is great and the company also makes cinnamon and honey butter that is amazing for toast and rolls. The things I find at can be dangerous.