Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Clubhouse Running with Kids and a Nice Fall Treat

Last week I called myself a slacker and vowed to change my ways.  Heres how that's gone since then.

Right after I'd decided that running was going to happen that night, a very important and impromptu girls night came up. So running at night wasn't a possibility.  I considered asking my mom to baby sit, but she had been babysitting all day and I didn't want to just add more kids to the chaos that day.  So I decided I'd take the girls to the club house with me. I was really worried that this wouldn't last long. M doesn't like to hold still for very long (what 2 year old does). But I loaded her up in the stroller, Grabbed some snacks (apples and string cheese) for the girls and we walked over. The whole way I told the girls how it was important that they stay where I put them so that they wouldn't get hurt or, you know, break anything.  

This was my view from the treadmill. I have to say I was super impressed with how they did. I got a full 20 minute speed workout in while they watched a show on TV and had their snacks. This is something that will probably happen more often now. 

That workout set a good tone for the rest of the week. I went running again the next day and did my fastest 3 mile since April. That made me feel really great!  I took the weekend off for some family time. And some of this happened Sunday night. 

Can't go wrong with my favorite hot chocolate treat and Harry Potter.  It was a great bedtime/relaxing break. 

Monday morning was back to working out hard. I went to my pump class and it kicked my butt.  And if everything goes well and the starts all align, we will be running 3 more times this week.  

What was your last hard workout?

What's your favorite fall/winter treat?

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