Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An Idaho Trip with a Run

I've said this a couple times, I'm sure, but running when you're away from your home town is hard. This last weekend, we went up to visit family in a tiny little town in Idaho called Ashton.

It's a long drive for the girls, so they were really happy to get there and to see that the neighbors had a dog, who was very eager to play.

When we go to Ashton, our days are filled full with lots of relaxing with family. The girls loved being able to just sit and color all day long with Grandma Betty.

I planned to run at least one day that we were there. It is 100% ok to take a break from working out while you're on vacation.  But I have a 5k coming up in just a few weeks and my runs have felt offish lately. I needed to run to stay loose and focused. 

This run felt extremely off. I don't know if it was that I decided to run at a grassy park, instead of on the road, or the food I had eaten. Probably a mixture of both. But I felt super slow and tired the whole time.  

There was a few minute pause between the last couple of miles, in order to let Trev and the girls know I was ready to head back to the house.  My phone stopped recording at that point but while I waited for them to come back, I did little laps around the church right by his grandma's house.  So all in all, I ran 3.2 miles in 27 minutes. It was pretty slow for my usual 5k. But it got done.  Hopefully in the next week and a half my legs will get back to work and I'll have a few better runs.

What do you do when you have an off day?

Do you prefer running on grass or the street?


  1. Bummer about your run, but glad you had a nice relaxing trip!

    1. Thanks. Yeah bad runs happen sometime. The more I worry about it the more often it happens. So I try to move on and focus on making other runs better. Thanks for reading!