Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Post of Running Pictures

I was looking through my phone the other day and noticed how many pictures I have from my runs. I don't normally stop to take pictures of things on my runs. Some of them are taken before or after and if I see something I really want a picture of I stop. That's just how it goes when you're a running photographer.  So here are the pictures that were on my phone from my runs.

M is a little obsessed with shoes already. Any and all shoes have to be tried on, even if someone else is already trying to put them on.

The clouds looked super cool.

They looked cool here too. 

My runs have some really great views. 

This one was worth stopping for  after I saw a drinking fountain. 

Clearly there is something about clouds and sunsets that I can't resist. 

After a run we just need to sit down for a minute. 

What kinds of pictures make you want to stop what you're doing to get the shot?

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