Friday, September 11, 2015

5 Ways to Teach Your Child Patriotism

Hey guys, I hope you're all having a fabulous day! Today, my good friend Britt is going to be taking over the blog. If you don't already read her blog, go check it out!

Hi there, readers of All These Things! I'm Britt and I blog over at My Little Sunshines. I write about all things important to me, that fill my life with happiness and sunshine, hence the blog name! I'm excited to be hanging out here with you today while Jenny and Trevon are on a much deserved cruise. I've known Jenny (in real life, ha) for almost 7 years now, and she's super sweet. 

When Jen first asked me to guest post for her, I said sure! And when she told me that my post would go live on September 11 I knew I had to post something about our beloved United States. The fact that today marks 14 years since the tragic World Trade Center attacks blows my mind. It has been a long 14 years, and a short 14 years, too. We live in such a special, sacred country, and it is getting harder and harder for us to maintain what makes us so special -- our freedom. I could get fired up and emotional about how much I love this country, but for your sake and mine, I won't. I decided instead to focus on what we can do for our children, to help them foster love for our country and to help them understand why we need to continue to fight for our freedom. 

1 || Tell them stories of their family members who have served in the military.
I'm assuming that most of us have at least one member in our family who has served in the military, and the majority of us probably have more. By sharing the stories of those who have gone before us and fought for our freedom and country, our children will gain a deeper respect and understanding of why our country is so special.

2 || Fly the flag of the United States outside your house or display one in your home.
And I should add, and tell them the story behind it. I love our flag. It's a symbol of hope and freedom. I can't help but get choked up whenever I see a flag proudly displayed, where ever it may be.

3 || Celebrate the 4th of July (and other national holidays) and teach them the "why".
I think a lot of times the 4th of July is simply celebrated as a day to blow things up. And while fireworks are a lot of fun, and can bring your family together, be sure to teach your children the importance of the 4th, and why we celebrate it. Maybe plan a short devotional that day so you can all learn and ponder on the significance of the holiday.

4 || Volunteer at your local VA or nursing home.
Our country is currently falling prey to selfishness. The current generation is being raised to think only of themselves and what they're entitled to. By volunteering and serving together as a family, you are instilling in your children the principles of hard work and service. And by serving the older, wiser generations, your children will not only learn to respect and love the elderly, but I bet they will hear some inspiration stories, too. 

5 || Read them books to teach them of past US presidents and events.
I was always told that we are taught history so that we do not repeat the past. And I absolutely agree. I also believe that when it comes to our great nation, we should be taught the history so that we understand what a special, sacred, and choice land this really is. And once we understand that, we will really understand what we are fighting for.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'd love to read your thoughts below, and hear what you to do teach your children patriotism! Also, feel free to visit me over My Little Sunshines or check out my other social media channels.

I love what Britt had to share with us today.  I agree with her on so many things in this post.  Our children do really need to know the history and pride of the United States.  This country is a very special place and I think we need to be proud of it and teach our children to be proud of it in order to bring it back to the amazing country we know it for. 

What do you guys do to teach your kids patriotism?

What are your favorite history subjects?

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