Friday, August 21, 2015

What My Picky Eater Eats

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time finding lunch.  Not just for me, but for the girls too. We get bored of the same foods, I don't always feel like preparing something big, and J can get super picky. And you know what, I've tried all those "healthy lunch options for picky eaters" lists on pinterest, the girl is just not going to eat green smoothies and avocado for lunch, most kids wont, and that's ok. It's ok for them to eat things that aren't organic or perfectly healthy all the time.  So I started to think of a list of the girl's favorite foods so that I could have easy go-tos for lunch. Then I thought I'd share them with all of you, just in case you're the same way.

One of the things that we all eat well is left overs.  I love having left overs for lunch. It makes lunch a no brainer and super simple.  A couple of the left overs we sometimes have (I say sometimes because most of the time we don't have leftovers) are:

This super easy Ziti, you can get the recipe HERE

and this Garlic Parmasan pasta, you can find the recipe HERE

J's all time favorite food is quesadillas. And I like quesadillas because they are easy and you can put just about anything into them. Lately J has been liking chicken, cheese and refried beans in hers. But you could add peppers to make them a little healthier and you can add any kind of meat. I've even heard of breakfast quesadillas where you put scrambled eggs, bacon, peppers and cheese in it.  Then, of course, J always asks for sour cream to dip it in. She loves sour cream.

M is really easy when it comes to food. She likes just about anything, thank heaven! So sandwiches are the easiest thing for her. Any kind of sandwich will do, today it was grilled cheese and chicken.

J was never a sandwich girl, but recently she came up with a sandwich she likes. A banana sandwich. Just bread with sliced bananas on it. Nothing else. I don't know where she came up with the idea, but hey, it's healthy and filling so it's fine by me.  Sometimes that's what it takes to get picky eaters to eat, letting them come up with new things on their own.

And of course, on the days that we either have nothing in the fridge to eat or we just don't want to even think about it, we pull out the chicken nuggets and hotdogs. Sometimes it's ok to feed kids food that isn't 100% healthy. We always have fruit, yogurt, cheese or apple sauce with our lunch anyway.

What are some of your kid's favorite foods?

What are your favorite picky eater tricks?


  1. Goodness - all of these pictures look DELICIOUS and now I am hungry! :)

    1. Haha thanks. I'm glad someone thinks they look appetizing. Thanks for reading.