Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trinkets In My House

I've been looking around my house lately and noticing things that I have around.  Most things I have do serve a purpose, but others are just things. Part of me wanted to start clearing the things out, but as I started thinking about the things, I started to notice that those things have some meaning to me and I don't know if I could give them up.

For example:

The clock that sits on my desk at the moment is from my grandparents house.  I don't really actually love the look of it, but the sound is really soothing and comforting to me.  It's a sound that brings back really fun, comforting, happy memories for me. It even reminds me of the smells and the feelings from their house.  It reminds me of a house I grew up going to most days of the week and the people who loved me and who lived there.

The boat that now sits on our hutch in our dining room reminds me of Trevon.  It came with him when we got married and although he knows I don't love it, he keeps it there.  It reminds me of when we were first married and it became a game for us to hide the boat where we thought it ought to go.  I would move it to the office, where only Trevon could see it, and with in a week he would move it out in the living room for every one to see.  It's not that I hate the boat, it just doesn't look good displayed in a living room. It doesn't match our other decor.  Eventually we will maybe be able to move it into a boy's room but for today it sits in on our hutch in our dining room and reminds me of that funny game.

My old toys that I keep in my cedar chest. They aren't work any money, they only get played with on special occasion when the girls need something new and promise to be careful. Why do I keep them? Just like my old baby blanket and some of my old dresses, I have happy memories with them. And I also want my kids to see what kind of toys and things I had.  I like to be able to tell them stories about those things.

Running shoes, that one is weird, I know. And I don't keep all of my running shoes, but some of them turn in to everyday shoes, camping/grunge shoes and others, like my spikes, I just can't get rid of because I ran some really great races and had some really fun memories wearing those racing shoes. I don't wear them anymore, they don't have a lot of purpose but I hold on to them because I'm a runner and that's what I do.

An old, film camera. It was my first real camera. I got it for Christmas one year and I was over the moon excited.  That camera was my companion for several years. And although I don't use it anymore, mostly because I don't have batteries for it and because it's film, I still keep it because someday it will be really cool to show my grandkids what kind of camera I used.

The candy dishes remind me of the kid of person my grandma was. It reminds me to be more like her. Every time a kid leaves my house from playing with my girls, they get to pick a treat out of the candy dish. That's how Grandma did it, and I always thought it was fun. So that's the way I do things now. Plus, it's easier for the parents to get the kids to leave if I give them a little candy bribe.

I keep things in my house that some might think has no meaning or is just clutter, but it has a meaning to me. The things in my house are important to me. They give me memories that I hold on to dearly. Things that were gifts, or inheritances,  things that will someday have more value than they do now, things that my girls will learn to appreciate and love like I do. Those are the kind of things I have in my house.

Do you have special trinkets or items in your house?


  1. Once again Jenny I could relate to so many things you were saying. If not for memories, what do we have? I don't have a lot from my childhood for many reasons, but i do have a few old things that bring me back to a happy time, a memory or a time in my life when I felt at peace, but I also have things like smells and sounds that bring me right back to a certain time. Smell is a big one for me, it can instantly and unexpectedly transport my mind to a very specific time. It always brings a smile to my face.

    1. Isn't it interesting and amazing how our senses can do that to us? Walk into a room with a spiced apple smell and instantly you think of holidays. Walk into your house after your grandma's best recipe has been cooking and it's like walking into her house all over again. That's the whole reason i have the clock. It has a distinct sound that I grew up hearing and when I walk into the room I am immediately calm and comforted because of the memories I had with her.
      Thanks for reading!