Friday, August 14, 2015

The Jobs I've Had

A couple of weeks I wrote a post about being a stay at home mom.  It made me start thinking of all the job's I've had in my life.  All the thing's I've learned from those jobs.  I have worked here and there from the time I was 12  years old. Those first few "jobs" I had were mostly random, around the house jobs that my parents would pay me to do. That's right, I didn't have an allowance, I earned my money.  Those little jobs were things like folding my dad's work towels. (My dad's a dentist so, that was a separate job than folding regular laundry which was a chore, not a job.) Re-slating the fence,

Like this one. It's a lot more work than you'd expect. 

 Then it was cleaning my dad's office, that turned into organizing my dad's office files, making sure they were in the right order and putting old files in separate filing cabinets.  Those are the jobs I started learning in.

When I was 16, I had been working in the family jobs for a while and I wanted to get a "real" job. I wanted the experience of working outside of the family.  So, that summer I started working at a daycare/preschool.  This was a fun job. It was a lot of work. 30 kids to take care of mostly by myself (because, to be honest, the other teacher I was working with was a major slacker and watched TV all day instead of doing her job.) 
The job was only for the summer because during school I didn't work. I was to focus on my grades and running.  It was probably the hardest job for me to leave because I'd gotten so attached to those kids.  And after having that job, I didn't look for another "real" job for until I graduated from high school.  I went back to work at my dad's office, helping with the filing and cleaning. 

When I graduated I wanted to get another job.  I didn't want to work as a dental assistant at that point, I didn't want to do the filing anymore, and I wanted to earn some money of my own. Lucky for me, a friend in one of my classes worked at Kiddie Kandids and let me know they were hiring.  
I've wanted to be a photographer since I was 8 years old. I knew what I was doing behind a camera and I loved doing it.  So I got the job right off. First it was just seasonal and then they kept me on. I loved it there. I worked there for three years. And then some weird things started to happen with out district manager and I decided it was time for me to leave.  That wasn't as hard as leaving the day care even though I had loved what I did.  Have you ever had really stressful dreams about work?  You're there and trying to do things and it's not working right? Or some customer comes in and starts trying to use the equipment and ends up breaking it all and you get in trouble?  That's how I knew for sure it was time to leave my photography job.  I had dreams like that every night.

In all honesty, though, I was certified here as a professional photographer, I learned a lot.  And I sometimes do miss it. Just not enough to go back to a portrait studio like that. 

A huge blessing happened when I decided to leave Kiddie Kandids.  I didn't know what job I would look for next or even where to start looking.  I had a car payment that I wouldn't have even thought about asking my parents to help me with. I wanted to save up as much money as I could too.  So I started praying for help.  Literally the day that I put my two weeks notice in, my aunt had gone to lunch with my mom, and she after that came to my house. She flat out offered me a job with her as an internship, and I was thrilled. 
She was the marketing director at a credit union for several years and I thought that sounded so fun to do.  Not to mention having my aunt for a boss would be super fun because we get along really well. That job proved it's self to be as fun as it sounded.  And at the end of the internship they offered me a full time position, which I couldn't take because of a rule that they had about relatives hiring relatives or something. I was really sad that I couldn't take that job.  

At that point I didn't really know what to do.  Trevon was on his second year of his mission, there was no way I was just going to sit around at home. I needed to do something but I didn't know what I really wanted to do. That's when I thought I'd try the dental assisting thing.  My dad offered to train me along with the assistants so that I wouldn't have to go into something different in school.  
This proved to me my hardest job. Not really because of what it was, as much as who it was with.  I love my dad and wanted to make him proud.  It's just really, really hard to work with your family.  Really hard.  Sometimes I didn't do things right and i knew it and I saw the frustration in my dad. I did get the hang of it but I didn't love it like I did with my other jobs.  
Trevon got home and after we got married I continued working there.  Then, after a few years of assisting, my dad hired my aunt (the same aunt that I'd worked with before) as the office manager.     I was so excited because I loved working with my aunt before.  My job was now to be the receptionist.  It proved to be hard to switch jobs around because everyone else had to get used to the switches and changes too.  It was a really big lesson on working together to make the office work right.  And after a lot of practice, it all works smoothly.  

After having J, I went back to work for a few months. But the more I went to work, the more it didn't make sense to me to be working.  We were living with family and not paying rent, I wasn't taking care of my daughter, my family was. It just didn't seem like it was fitting right in our lives. And while saving that extra money would have been nice, it just didn't really seem fair to my dad to have him pay me and not be really needing that money.  So I quit and decided to be home with my baby.  Which was also really hard because there were a lot of days that I felt really alone, and really useless.

Now looking back at all my jobs, I miss working every so often, I do. But, doing what I do now, being a mom and taking care of my family.  Writing this blog, running, doing photography on the side, it all seems to fit in the right spot.  And while I'm thankful for the jobs I've had and for the things that I've learned from working, I wouldn't trade a full time job for raising my family any day. 

How many jobs have you had? Anyone have a favorite?

As a side note, is anyone interested in guest posting for me in a couple weeks? If you are, email me or comment and I'll let you know the details, thanks!


  1. My main job has been working on the farm with my dad! I've been a camp counselor, a kid's summer program assistant, office assistant, and a teacher! I think your job of being a full-time mom is a hard one and is one to take pride in! I truly do admire everyone who stays at home to raise their kids!

    1. Those a all sound like great jobs. What did you do as a summer kids program assistant?
      Thank you, most days it really is my favorite thing I've ever done.