Thursday, August 20, 2015

Running Goal and Plan of Attack

Most experienced runners are all about those marathons. And while I would love to do a marathon or two someday, right now my focus is on perfecting (can you perfect a run?) my 5k.

I want to get really good at running a 5k, that's my running goal right now.  I've ran so many 5ks that I honestly lost count several years ago. Most of those were in high school.  So why do I want to master my 5k?

Well it probably has a lot to do with high school actually.  I know that I would have been a much better runner then, if I knew how to do things right.  I never took breaks, even when injured (big, giant, no no!) I wanted to be good at it so bad that I pushed myself too hard during practice and never had enough to give during the races to do great at them. So, I guess that one of the reasons is that I want to show myself and others who saw me run back then, that I am better than I was at running.

5ks are easier to train for.  I'm a mom of two young girls, I don't have a lot of time to train right now. It's easier for me to go running after dinner for less than an hour than for me to go run double digit runs and not get home until 10 PM.

5k's are cheaper to enter than marathons.  That's self explanatory.

My next 5k is in October. I'm really excited to run it with my sister in law. It's the same organization I ran with back in March, The Pink Series . It's been a couple of months since competing and I'm ready for the challenge again.  Since I already have the milage down and don't need to worry about that, I'll be working on a lot of hills and doing a lot of speed work to get me ready.

Speed work is really important to help you learn how to pace yourself. It also helps you with endurance during your race.  I think in high school speed was my least favorite work out day. But now I'm starting to really like it. As long as I mix it up and do a few different speed work outs I usually look forward to it.

After my last speed work out. I was exhausted. 

Hills are really great for building your muscle, endurance, speed, and power.  If you practice hills, you're going to make it up the hills a lot easier during a race. And, think about it,  the last time running a race with a big hill, and you saw someone pass you going at a way better pace than you, what was your thought?  It's almost intimidating to other runners to see someone pass them on the hill. Practice makes perfect.

So you'll hear a lot about those kinds of work outs, and when the race is done, you'll all be getting a really great recap of how it all went.  Hopefully, it's a really good recap with lots of pictures.  But, we all know how great my running pictures turn out.

What are some of your goals right now?


  1. I haven't practiced my 5k really at all so good for you! Right now I'm just trying to get back into running after having my baby. I signed up for a half marathon in April! My tenth!

    1. Good for you. I took me way too long to get back into running after my first. I did better with my second. Good luck on your half, your tenth! Awesome. I haven't done a half yet but someday I will.