Thursday, August 13, 2015

Making The Same Route More Exciting

Talk about the need for motivation. Last week I only worked out a few times. Not 5-6 days a week like normal. I had a hard time finding motivation. I think this happens a lot for me when schedules change or plans fall through or, you know, something's different than normal.

This week will be different!  I didn't go to the my pump class like normal on Monday morning, but instead I went running.  I went with my sister. She just got her first new pair of running shoes in years and she was ready to try them out.

What else do you do while you're waiting and stretching? Sometimes I take pictures of my shoes, or stretching or stuff. 

So I ran to our meeting spot and stopped for a little stretch.  Then we did our regular running loop around our neighborhood.  One of the best parts of living this close to my sister, and having us both live in the area that we grew up in,  is that we already know all of the running routes and how far they are. That makes it super easy to just go on auto pilot and not worry about how far I have left to run.

Are you wondering how I keep running fun if I've run the same routes my whole life?  Well, here's a few things about that:

If you look at my mapmyrun feed, you would be able to tell that most of my runs are just different variations of the same run. 

I do run different runs.  I like to find new runs, whether that happens before the run or I just find a new way during the run totally depends on my mood.  But when I'm in the need of something new, I do switch it up.  The old, regular routes are great for the runs that I don't want to think about where I'm going, or for timing myself.  I really need to get a Garmin or something for that.

Sometimes I run the route backwards. This lets me mix it up a little and I can still go on auto pilot and not do a whole lot of thinking about the route.

Racing myself.  Sometimes I see how much faster I can run than my last time I ran that route.  This also helps me prepare for a race.

And it always helps to have music or a friend there with you to distract yourself from the boredom.  And lets be honest, it's not very often that I feel bored on a run, but I know a lot of people who think running is boring. Sometimes I just tell them they are doing it wrong.  But sometimes I can relate. It's hard to go out sometimes and run by yourself, especially when you're new to it and you aren't sure how far you should go or how fast or you don't have a schedule etc.  So, if this is you, remember it's ok to take someone with you, even if you don't have exactly the same pace, you adapt to each other. And it's ok to make it fun how ever you'd like. My husband likes to make running more fun by finding obstacles to jump or climb over.

What do you do to make your running more fun?

What demotivates you from running? 

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