Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Currently: August

July flew past and it's already August. August is going to be a fun, full month. We have a lot of birthdays in August, we are getting J ready for preschool, and we will be soaking up every last second of summer that we can.

Today it's time for our currently link up with Anne and Jenna. So here is our currently post for August.

creating: Oh, what am I creating?  I guess the thing that I'm most creating is a plan. A plan for fitness, a plan for this blog, a plan for the future. 

wish-listing: Well, funny you should ask. My birthday is coming up and I wrote a post about what I'm currently wish-listing for my birthday. But besides those things, new pots and pans would still be nice, or just a date night. 

hoping:  I'm hoping that the plans I have with the blog and with the future will all fall into place. 

eating: Birthday cake. J just turned 4 and I'm going to enjoy every last bit of that cake I can. It was a lot of work to 

watching: We haven't been spending a lot of time watching stuff. Last weekend we watched The Judge though, and that was really good. The only reason it's rated R is because it has the F word in there like a million times. But the story is really good. 
I also watch fixer upper when I can. I'm pretty sure you all figured that out because I talk about that a lot. 


  1. Plans are good! As are birthday wishlists... love the dresses you picked - I always use mine as an excuse to get a birthday dress :) Thanks for linking up!

    1. The last few birthdays I've done the same. A lot of my dresses are really old, like from high school old. So I want to get new ones. But I have to do that slowly so when I get a dress I get rid of one or two.