Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Chat With Me at 17

Have you ever thought of what you would say to yourself if you could go back in time and talk to you as a teenager?  We all do or say or think stupid things as teens, and I know I've thought about that. What would I say to myself if I could talk to me at 17?

I think I'd have to have a good amount of time to sit myself down and get me to listen. Because that was one thing I wasn't very good at back then.  Maybe if i offered myself some ice cream I'd listen.

First I'd probably start out with the simpler things like running and school before I get into the deeper stuff.  I'd tell myself to listen to my coaches.  Not to push myself so hard during practice because the times that really matter with running are the times you get racing.  I would spare myself so much pain and injury and frustration if I'd just listen to my coach tell me to take a break for a week to let myself heal up.

I'd tell myself that despite what people think, I do have potential in school (and in everything else too) I just have to find it in myself to take the time and effort to work for it.  I'd tell myself to study for my test instead of hope I understand it well. Actually, I'd tell myself to ask for help studying because I don't think I really knew how to study.

Do not worry about what other people think.  It's not worth the time and energy. It's not worth making yourself sick over. Their opinons do not matter. What matters is that you know you're doing what you know is right and that you're doing your best at it.

Make sure you lock your running locker every time you leave.  Especially when you have Dad's camera with you. That way it wont be stollen by some girl. And you know who that girl is. Don't let her take it because confessing that to dad really sucked. (even though he was really nice about it).

Don't bother with Colton. He might have saved you from a really crappy prom date, but he doesn't turn out to be a very good boyfriend. He's kind of a liar and a cheat. Just, thank him for the date and move on.

Don't worry about the future. Don't worry about the drama. Things get better. They will always get better. The pain and depression starts to fade.  The drama might not ever be gone, it just changes and so do you.  Focus on the now and how to make it better.  The rest will come easy.

Oh yeah, and don't think twice about taking that early morning seminary class. It's the best class you end up taking in all of high school.  Even though you have to deal with Greg being a jerk the whole semester. It's worth it.

Be smart, and be happy. Be kind. Don't give up. "Don't get discouraged, things will work out."

What would you say to you?

Would you have listened or would you need a little bribery?


  1. Jenny, this had me laughing and crying. I found you because you commented on my post this morning and I'm sure glad you did. I could relate to so many things you tell your 17 year old self. It's such a crazy time in our lives when we transition from child to adult- there is no way to go back and change things, but we can look back and grieve and comfort the innocent girls we once were. Beautiful post! So happy to connect.

    1. Oh, thank you for reading! I'm glad you liked this post and that it spoke to you. There's actually a lot more that id say to myself back then. The more I think about life at that time the more I have to say to that part of me.
      But like you said, we can't go back and change it so the best thing to do is remember the things we learned and use them in the future.
      Thanks again for reading.

  2. Hahaha Colton! That certainly made me smile. I thought that for a while (wish I hadn't bothered with him) but really, overall I'm grateful for him. I used him in a lesson I taught on Chastity on Sunday with the Young Women...not in name, just teaching the girls why I was glad I'd made a commitment not to date steadily in high school, and the time I came closest and how I was in the end very different from the guy I kept myself from actually dating. And that had spared me some heartache, I thought.
    But if not for Colton, I wouldn't have met you or Danny or Andy, really! And I sure appreciated those friendships for the remainder of high school.

    Do you remember me telling you how heartbroken I was over ending whatever it was Colton and I had, and how he cried...and then went and cuddled with you like that night?? Geeze. I didn't hold it against you of course cause you had no idea he'd just done that with me, but I resented him for making me feel so guilty, seeing him and him seeming like he was really sad about it when he wasn't.
    Water under the bridge though. I wish him well, as far as I know he's a dad and husband and works so, those are all worthwhile life endeavors! Good for him.
    (My warning about heartache might have come for college Ariel, really.)

    1. Yes, the one good thing that came from Colton was that I became friends with you. And I've told myself that a million times.
      I haven't even kept up with him but Dan did mentions something about a divorce so I don't know about that part but he is a dad and he probably has a job.
      Other than our friendship though, I feel so embarrassed by that whole thing. I remember after you told me that how mad I was that he used me right after.